Monday, October 23, 2006

An Report from My Sister

Some of you may recall that my sister, Robyn, and her husband are missionaries in Aguascalientes, Mexico. They've been there for about five years, I believe. They've spent one complete term on the field, had a one-year furlough, and are now back on the field. Sometimes I think we're busy. Then I get a letter from Robyn and Clark! I wanted to share their latest letter with you. I was going to just share parts of it, but when I read over it, I realized that all of it was important! Please pray for Clark and Robyn Paquette and their family. I know their hearts for the people of Mexico and the work that they are putting into those lives. I've heard people say that we have too many missionaries going to Mexico. After you read this letter, you'll never believe that again!

Just wanted to share a little of what the Lord has been doing over the last couple of weeks. I mentioned in the prayer letter about the village north of us where we have a small Bible study with a woman and her son. We have spent many days looking for a place to meet on a larger scale. One evening after the Bible study, the Lord began directing us and after a few inquiries, we found a nice building to rent for the new work. It is about 20’ x 20’ space with a bathroom and on the main road between 2 different main sections of the village. There are about 1000 homes within walking distance from where it is. I have included a few pictures. We will be printing up about 1000 flyers and the church here in Pabellón will be helping us pass them out on Saturday, October 28th and Saturday, November 4th and then we will have our first Bible study on Thursday, November 9th. Please be much in prayer for this. We have some contacts now to follow up on of some who are already interested. Praise the Lord.

The work here in Pabellón is moving forward – slowly, but the Lord is working in the hearts of the people. They are developing a love for the Word of God and for the church. We have had some serious opposition out of a former member, but the Lord has put his work to nought. Deuteronomy 3:22 Ye shall not fear them: for the LORD your God he shall fight for you. Please do pray much for some new converts that are having a hard time coming to church. There is so much opposition from family, but the Lord is able to give them the strength. We began a new Bible study here in a home and they are very interested in what the Bible says. Pray that the Lord would continue to draw their hearts toward Him. Their names are Arturo and Cuquita. We will be with them again this coming Monday. Please also pray for another couple that we have spent much time witnessing to, Raúl and María. They have asked many questions and seem so close to the truth.

The work in Aguascalientes has been a blessing to us as well. We are praying much for the Denison family, whose work it is, that they will be able to raise the added support they need to get back here soon. A couple of Sunday’s ago I had the privilege of leading a 16 year old girl, Gloria, to the Lord. A new family to the church had brought her. She said that she had been to many churches, but never felt what she felt in our service and knew that she was missing something. Pray for her and her family, they are not saved.

About 2 years ago, Robyn and I had the privilege and blessing of having a service in another village near us called San Antonio. At the end of the service, about 10 precious souls were saved. All of these people were from the same family. We tried to get them to come to our services in Pabellón and some did for a while, but they dropped off. Because of our furlough, we were not able to keep up with them and then lost contact. A couple in our church who are related to some of them told us this past Sunday that they talked to some of them and they are waiting for us to come to their village and start a church. Wow, that is a new one on us! Pray with us about this work as well. We want so badly to get something started there, but need an 8th day each week right now. We are looking at trying to begin something there by the 1st of next year after the Denisons return. That will free us up a little more.

As the ministry has grown, we have seen the needs arise. I am so thankful that we have a God who supplies all our need, but I know that some of you have mentioned that you want us to let you know when there is a need. We do a lot of our own creating and printing of special flyers, church invitations, brochures, and the booklets for our Bible studies and have begun printing a bulletin for our Sunday services. With that in mind, we are in need of a folding machine and a book binding machine.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. You don’t know what a blessing each of you truly is to our family. We are all doing well. This is a time of sickness here, but we seem to have escaped so far with very little damage, but please continue to pray for our family and the wisdom to lead the primary ministry for God’s glory.


  1. Thank you for posting this letter. We will be praying for this decision.

    I know a missionary near us who is pastoring three churches. He is getting older, and has a heart condition. His doctor told him he had to retire if he wanted to go the next three years without a stroke or heart attack, but he can't bring himself to give up on his "children". He is looking everywhere for someone, to pastor those churches. The need is everywhere all over the world. God's people just need to go where He calls them!

  2. Oh, my goodness!!! She's your sister!?!?!? They came to our former church several years ago.....when she was pregnant with the twins. They were such a sweet family and they sang really good! We may still have the tape from the service they shared with us. Just think, I may have never seen you before in person, but I've seen your sister and some of your neices and a nephew. :)

  3. Courtney!!!! You've met Robyn? How neat is that! They are a sweet family. Since the twins, they've had one more little girl, who is almost 3 now.

  4. What a neat letter! There is so much going on...and I will be praying for the ministry in Mexico. Thanks for sharing this! : )


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