Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm Back!

Well, I’m back from my blogging break! I really did leave completely: my husband whisked my away for an anniversary trip! I told only a very few people because I didn’t want the whole world to know that my children were at home alone. Even though they’re all teenagers and one of them is almost 18, I still didn’t feel comfortable with broadcasting on the internet that they were home without us. They did fine, though. A family in our church had them over to their home two evenings for dinner, and we called several times a day each day that we were away.

We left on Tuesday morning to board a bus bound for Seattle. Once there, we boarded a train and enjoyed a trip through the countryside down to Oregon. We found that we enjoy train travel very much. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, and we liked the fact that we could get up and move around, get something to eat, visit the restroom, or just stand and look out the window. There were electrical outlets in the car we were in, so Wes was able to watch some DVD’s. I read a good bit, as well as just watching the scenery go by – my favorite thing to do on a trip anyway!

On our 2-hour layover in Seattle, waiting for our train, we met with some old friends who are living there. We went out for lunch together and had a great time.


We had originally planned to meet with two families, but one of them had a sick baby, so they couldn't bring her out (and I don't blame them one bit!), so we didn't get to see the other family. It’s always so nice to visit with those we’ve known for a long time. These were folks we went to church with in Ft. Worth years and years ago. They even bought our lunch for us, since it was our anniversary. Now how sweet is that?!

When we got to our destination, we were informed that our reservation had been upgraded, free of charge, to the honeymoon suite, a 1,000-square-foot suite overlooking the river! We were amazed! This was of the Lord’s doing, because we would have never even attempted to afford such a suite! It had a small bathroom at the front of the suite, a kitchenette, living room, bedroom with king-sized four-poster bed, and a bathroom that was beyond my wildest dreams! There was a Jacuzzi tub, separate shower, twin vanity, and even hotel robes for us to use!



One note, if you ever get to use a Jacuzzi tub . . . one capful of bubble bath should be sufficient once you start the jets; don’t believe the small amount of bubbles present when the jets are still off! ;) I nearly got lost in all the bubbles! LOL We also had two balconies overlooking the river, which were wonderful to sit on in the morning or evening, enjoying the scenery.

River view

Our hotel was located across from a shopping mall, so we spent Wednesday morning doing some shopping. Wes got some big/tall men’s t-shirts that we haven’t been able to find up here. I bought matching sweaters for Beth and me to wear for family pictures we’re having made, and we bought some games for our family. Oh, and I can’t forget Bath and Body Works! I bought some hand soaps and bubble bath and shower gel. The nice surprise was discovering that Oregon has no sales tax! Not only did we save money by buying in the US, we also saved on taxes. Here we pay 14.5% tax on everything, including houses and cars. Needless to say, we were thrilled to pay no sales tax!

Wednesday afternoon we spent a few hours walking across the river and through a beautiful park. There was a rose garden there that had almost any variety and color of rose you can imagine! They were fading, of course, but the trees in the park had on their most beautiful colors. We thoroughly enjoyed walking among the leaves and just relaxing together.


We could only stay the one day, so we headed back by train on Thursday morning. We both agreed it would have been nicer to have stayed at least as long as it took us to travel to and from, but we didn’t have the time or money to stay longer. I slept a good bit on the way back, which is normal for me – I’m usually too excited to sleep on the way, but exhausted on the return trip! Wes watched another movie, then he slept while I read some more. We arrived back in Vancouver around 10 on Thursday night, where our friends picked us up at the train station, our kids in tow. It was great to get home again. I think the boys were glad that Mom was home to cook again, and Beth was glad to have Mom back home to relieve her of the cooking responsibilities! All in all, we had a great time together, and we’re looking forward to doing something like that again for another anniversary. My idea is to save up for our 25th and retrace our honeymoon! We’ll see if that happens!

Wes Susan


  1. I am so glad you had a wonderful anniversary trip. It looked so peaceful and sounds like you and DH had a blast. Praise the Lord for that little break! Thank you for sharing pictures of your trip. That upgrade of a room is awesome!!!! God knows how to take care of His children!
    And the picture of the leaves changing color is so pretty!!!!! I love taking pictures of the trees during fall. It's just breathtaking.
    Here in Germany the leaves are changing...but many are falling off before they change colors so that's not fair!!!! LOL. I have gotten a few decent pictures but none worth shouting about yet.
    Well I hope you and your family have a blessed Sunday!!!!

  2. Susan, so glad you had a wonderful trip! You are gorgeous in the picture; your hair looks great! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!

  3. Susan,
    Praise the Lord for a wonderful trip! I'm so excited that you were given an upgraded room. I know that you love the Canadian people, but it sure must have felt good to be back on American soil for a few hours. Glad you made it home safely.
    Mrs. C

  4. Oh it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful trip! So glad you could get away like that!

  5. Glad you are back, and that you had a wonderful trip! I really missed your blog!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your trip with us and the pictures too. What a blessing that your room was upgraded--it was beautiful! So glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip. : ) Oh...and Happy Anniversary!

  7. What a wonderful way to spend an anniversary. Lovely pictures -- looks like a beautiful time!

  8. Wow, that hotel room is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us all...and I agree, you look very pretty in your picture, *love* your hair! (o:

  9. It lopks like you had a wonderful time and the photos were beautiful

  10. What a beautiful time off for you. I'm glad you got an opportunity for a nice time away!


  11. Wonderful!! I love the pics!

  12. lol! The cabin that my dh and I shared for our honeymoon had a jacuzzi tub, and I made the same mistake. I've never seen so many bubbles! I finally had to get out and empty the tub so they wouldn't fill the room :)

    Sounds like you and your husband had a great time!


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