Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day! The second Monday in November is Canada's national day to give thanks. Our family has joined right in on this celebration, as we have tried to do with other Canadian holidays. Each year that we've been here, we've also kept our American Thanksgiving too, so we get two Thanksgiving Days every year. Since Thursday is our midweek service at church, I'm not quite sure what we're going to do this year, but I'm sure we'll remember it in some way.

We were invited to a pastor friend's home for dinner today, so I'm making sweet potatoes and that's it. Beth made a Chocolate Pumpkin Bread over the weekend, so we'll take that too. This was a last-minute invitation, extended to us last night at the Korean Baptist Church (there were two English-speaking congregations there last night). It really is a blessing, because we hadn't decided what we were going to have for our dinner today! LOL You think the Lord might have had something to do with that? We're heading over there about 2:00. The boys will take their hockey sticks and some games to play with the younger boys, and Beth is right in between the two other girls' ages. There will be another pastor's famiy there also, who have a little girl too. The big girls are always sure to include the little ones, so I'm sure they'll all have fun together. And we adults get to fellowship - my favorite thing!

I have a correction on the Korean Baptist Church information. Wes did NOT preach - he never was scheduled to preach! I was so embarrassed when he told me that yesterday afternoon! I hope no one who knew that he wasn't preaching read that! I also had my information wrong about some of our church members going with us. Wes had told me something about another Sunday night service, and that is the one he was talking about, not last night's service. I had misunderstood the time he was talking about. So it's a good thing he glances at my blog every now and then to keep me from making huge mistakes. He really has to stay on his toes to keep up with this redhead! My apologies to Pastor Suh for not getting my facts straight on who he had preaching!

The service last night was very interesting. We've been to Spanish church services, so we knew the basic idea of preaching/interpreting in two languages. I must say that there's plenty of time to think about what the English-speaker is saying while the Korean-speaker is interpreting! What I loved most was the singing. The programs had the hymns in Korean, with the English written underneath, so while we were singing in English, the Korean folks were singing in Korean. I loved it! I also love to hear people pray in another language; it just blesses me to no end to know that MY heavenly Father is THEIR heavenly Father, and He has no trouble understanding what they're saying, even though I can't understand one word of it.

Wes did say that he was afraid he couldn't sing in Korean, but I told him that was ok; I'd play the piano in Korean and they could sing in English. You should hear me play in Korean - I'm just as accomplished in Korean as I am in English! ;)


  1. I was wondering if they Canadians have a traditional or food for their Thanksgiving like we do in America and if so, what?


  2. A day or so ago, I saw that Canadian Thanksgiving was coming up and I of course thought of you. I hope it was a very good one for you and your family!

  3. Kristi, Canadians (at least over here in Vancouver - out east might be different) eat the same things for Thanksgiving that Americans do - turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc. The only difference I've seen here is that it's not as big a holiday as in the US. In the States, Thanksgiving is THE holiday, behind Christmas - it's the all-American holiday. Here, it's a family holiday, but not quite the big deal that Americans make of it.

    Courtney - thanks for thinking of us! We had a really good time with our friends, lots and lots of laughing and talking. We're all pastors' families, so we have a lot in common.


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