Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Sorry to be MIA once again! Just when I think I'll write every day, I end up missing quite a few days of writing. The days just go so fast anymore, and things just keep coming up that need to be done . . . and well, I don't get to write very often. I thought I'd tell you some of the things we've been doing and catch you up on bits and pieces of news.

Last Wednesday, I accompanied Samuel to the driver's license testing center, where he took his road test to get his novice driver's license. Here in BC, we have graduated licensing, which means that a person must have a restricted license for a certain amount of time, then another less restrictive license for 2 years, before he finally receives his full-privilege license to drive in Canada. Samuel is now at that second level: he can drive alone, but he's allowed only 1 passenger besides his immediate family members. This decal must be in the car window whenever he's driving, too. He has been looking forward to having his license for a long time now, and I must admit, it is nice to have another driver in the house! I don't actively worry about him, but I do pray for him when he leaves the house! LOL Sunday night, we needed him to run an errand for us before church, and so after church, Beth rode with him back to the house. Wes, Andrew, and I got home before they did, although we left at the same time, because Samuel took a different route home than we did (which was fine). That was the first time I experienced any anxiety over his driving alone. They pulled in before we even got in the house, and everybody had a good laugh at Mom's "they aren't here yet!" He has done fine so far. Today he's helping a friend of ours with some work he needed done, and then he's going to another friend's house to watch a hockey game.

We were privileged to attend a missionary luncheon on Friday afternoon at Greater Vancouver Baptist Church, during their annual Missions Conference. Their church family does this for their local missionaries and any who might be here for the conference each year. It's always a nice time of fellowship with our fellow pastor/missionary families, almost like a family reunion, if we haven't seen each other for a few weeks! ;) The food was delicious, and I even behaved myself and didn't have any dessert, although it looked so good! It might have helped to be sitting next to another diabetic (also named Susan!), don't you think? We kind of encouraged each other. Wes did make me a fantastic cup of black currant tea that was so good it was like a dessert, so I didn't even miss eating that cheesecake and brownies everyone else was eating. We do appreciate the folks at GVBC; they're like family to us! By the way, you can now listen online to the sermons from the Canadian Pastors' Conference.

Friday night we got really busy. Wes preached at the Missions Conference, and our family sang. Just as the service started, we had some "online" friends arrive to spend the night with us! I met the wife a while back through a chat forum I participate in. They go to a great church in Kelowna, BC, and were traveling in the Vancouver area and asked if they could come by and meet us. Long story short, we invited them to stay at our house for the night, so they could rest before heading back home. They're a family of 8 - Mom, Dad, and 6 daughters - so we moved the boys out of their room and put the parents and the 3 littlest girls in there. Beth and the 3 older girls slept in her room, and the boys slept downstairs in the living room. No one seemed to be cramped up too much, and we had a good time of fellowship together. I fixed a couple of crockpots of soup, some veggies and dip, a few loaves of hot bread, and some fresh fruit, which we all devoured after church Friday night. Then I fixed a triple recipe of pancakes the next morning. We actually had a little soup and a few pancakes left when all was said and done! ;) It was a lot of fun to host such a large family!

We had a new family visit our church Sunday morning! The mother and little girl had visited a few weeks ago, and Dad came with them this Sunday. They live just down the road from the rec centre where we meet, and had either seen our signs that we put out on Sundays or had seen our ad in the paper. The little girl came into Sunday school with us and warmed right up when my helper, who helps with the little guys, brought out the toys! We sing a lot in Sunday school, but she didn't quite care for that yet! ;)

My Patch Club this year has only 2 students, so we're making it a fun class instead of a children's choir. It puts a different spin on the rehearsals - they're more just singing times now - but it's a more intimate setting where I can really take time to talk to the girls about what we're learning, and they can talk to me. I learn a lot about them that way, too.

I went back to the lab today for a fasting blood glucose test. I tested on my glucometer at the same time, and it was far lower this time than the last one, when my doctor was so mystified by my high numbers. I think he'll be happier with the numbers from today! I'm exercising every day now - I had to make it a priority. When we were on our trip, I did a lot of sitting and riding, and my sugar levels went up (plus I ate differently than I do at home). I'm excited to see what the daily, consistent exercise will do for me. I'm actually hoping I'll get a little better figure in the bargain! LOL But controlling diabetes is the main goal here. I got a fitness assessment the other day, and I am more fit than I thought, which was nice. I have average upper body and core strength, but poor flexibility. My resting heart rate was very good, and my active rate was pretty good, although it was a bit high. Both will decrease as I become more fit. I know my measurements (and hope they will decrease also), but we won't go there on this blog! ;)

We're staying busy, just doing the everyday things. Beth and I are beginning to plan some holiday baking and giving, and we'll have our second annual Christmas Open House for our church family in just a few more weeks. I also want to have a Christmas Tea for our ladies this year, so I guess we'll stay busy for a little while longer. What would life be with nothing to do? Remember in Little Women, when all the girls decided not to do their jobs for a day and be ladies of leisure? They were miserable and everyone and everything was a mess! So I'm glad for the busyness; it keeps life interesting!


  1. Susan -

    It sounds like you're busy in the very best of ways! Life is really all about the day in and day out "working" moments.

    Remember in Little Women, when all the girls decided not to do their jobs for a day and be ladies of leisure? They were miserable and everyone and everything was a mess!

    My girls and I just finished reading this together about a month ago. Oh -- my favorite, favorite novel; it was such a joy to share it with my daughters! :o)


  2. Hi Susan, Please write me and tell me all about what you do for your Christmas Open House for your church members. (ladiesofgrace@cleaninter.net)
    Thanks, Julie

  3. Wow, you've been busy! A driver in the family, hmmmm... =) My first destination driving by myself was to my first day at work. My grandparents lived nearby, and my mom called them and asked them to check and make sure I got there! I didn't know until years later that she had done that!


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