Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back to Normal

Back to normal is quickly becoming not-so-normal. I've been trying to be better at redeeming the time, but each day brings different things with it that need my attention, so I'm really having to focus on priorities instead of having a "normal" look to my days. I'm beginning to sense that normal, as most people would experience it, does not happen in the life of a ministry family. It did in Ft. Worth, because my husband was assistant pastor. He wasn't the one responsible for the entire church and its operation. He had one primary area of responsibility, and I as his wife kept his home and cared for our children. Now it's different. He is the pastor of a small work, but even with it being small, there is much work to be done, and we are the only ones to do it. No complaints, just facts. The ministry is people, and people involve time and effort, whether it be individual time with them or preparing to preach (Wes) or teach (me) or inform (prayer letters, lesson outlines, weekly bulletins, planning). I never realized how much went into having a church! I am still his helper by keeping our home and caring for our children (who are older now and sometimes taking care of me!), but also by being his secretary, Sunday school staff, and church pianist! I'm at a season in life where I can do these things, and instead of slowing down as the kids are growing up, I'm getting busier! I have a thought brewing on seasons in life that I may have to blog about sometime soon.

To emphasize these thoughts in my life recently, the Lord has highlighted those things in my mind as I've read It's a Wonderful Life by Terrie Chappell. This is what I read this afternoon:
We must understand that His ministry is "people work," and people take time and energy. The ministry is more than a job; it's a passion for people. This means that ministry is as unpredictable as the needs, crises, and circumstances of the people that we serve. If you are going to stay in balance in ministry, you need to have a high degree of flexibility. You cannot control every moment of every day -- that's God's job.

Those words really opened my eyes. I've been trying to have a set routine to my days, when what I really needed was flexibility and a willingness to simply be a help meet (suitable) for my husband in his job as pastor.

Today was dental appointment day for the kids. We have put off their dental care for the past 2 years because of the expense involved. It's still expensive, but praise the Lord, God has provided a way to get the necessary work done! Andrew and Beth each need some fillings, but Samuel's teeth are fine. The two younger ones have appointments again tomorrow, which means another morning out and about. Another schedule "disruption." But I did get to talk to the dentist's receptionist today about homeschooling and the state of education in our society, and I handed her a church tract on the way out. When God interrupts our days, He has a reason, and it seems to usually be . . . people.

I'm still in absolute amazement over our weather! Vancouver is known as a rainy city, beginning in the fall and lasting till summer, but this fall has been spectacular! We have had a little rain, a day at a time, then the sun comes back with crisp blue skies and very comfortable temperatures, around 20 Celsius, which is about 68-70 degrees. The nights are brisk, nice and cool. The leaves are changing and falling, and the dark green of the evergreens on the mountains against the sharp blue sky is almost breathtaking. I just love autumn! And I'm thankful for such a pretty, pleasant one this year.

Well, not so much going on. Just reflections today, I suppose. Thanks for reading my ramblings!


  1. I'm with ya, Susan!

    I am saving up for Mrs. Chappell's book; I've heard that it's a real encouragement for wives in the ministry.

  2. Oh, Mrs. C, you will LOVE her book! I've read so many by pastors' wives, and none have had the practical advice that hers does.

  3. Wow is all I can say. I am looking forward to your future post about the "seasons" of life. I sure could use the advice and encouragement...having 4 children ages 5 and under ...phew!! No complaints either, but it sure is a challenge juggling everything. I can't even imagine for a Pastor's wife. God Bless you!


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