Friday, September 01, 2006

A Young Entrepreneur

Our son, Andrew, is a real whiz with computers. He didn't show any interest in them until about 2 years ago, when he discovered an online game. With Wes's guidance, Andrew joined a Christian group, and there he met a guy who began to teach him a bit about web graphics. Andrew just ate that up, and began designing signature banners for the game players. Over the past 2 years, he has learned quite a bit, and Wes has incorporated some web design courses into our homeschool curriculum.

All that to say . . . Andrew has launched his own little business! When he worked on my blog template a few months ago, he learned a lot about the codes for templates. Now he has begun designing some of his own, and he has them for sale at very reasonable prices. If you need a new template, go take a look at what Andrew has to offer and see if he has something that would be right for you. He can custom-design a template for you, or he can make changes to anything he has already made to fit your needs. He also did some work for my friend Tammy; he took her already-existing blog and changed her header and background for her, as well as changing my other blog, With Heart and Hand.

Yes, I am shamelessly promoting my son's work! ;) And this will be the only time that I do it! I'll have a banner in my sidebar, and that's it. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Susan, if he has pictures, can he take them to design the template. I have looked EVERYWHERE for a thimble theme template and haven't found any. I've seen sewing ones, but I rarely sew. I just collect thimbles. :)
    And I don't think it's shameless promtion at all. You're simply sharing a new site you've found, which you have done with many others. ;P


  2. Kristi, he said to submit the form at the bottom of his page. Select the "custom" option and give him a description of what you want. He said it shouldn't be too hard to find some kind of pictures of thimbles! I hope y'all can work something out!

  3. Susan, thanks for commenting on my site. You were encouraging.

    How wonderful that your son is finding a way to make money early and building those business skills. I love hearing how hobbies for people turn into income.

    I enjoyed your site and will visit again.

  4. Woohoo, go Andrew! :) I'm happy with my blog template! :)

  5. Oooh, I just went and looked. Neat, neat, neat! I love the teddy bear one!

  6. Don't your children amaze you at times?! Andrew does nice work! My daughter did the same as your son (learned html on her own) and then CSS and so on. She changed existing templates on my blogs so that they no longer look like the originals.

    I hope Andrew does well with his new business.


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