Thursday, September 07, 2006

What a Week!

Well. It's been a week, let me tell you. Stressed. We had a disappointment this week that I won't go into. We thought a prayer had been answered, and in reality it had . . . except the answer was "no" when I thought it would be "yes." Although I was prepared for a "no" answer, I was still disappointed. And that makes me feel guilty!

Then school started. We enrolled our children in an online academy here in BC. We still have total control over what our children study and what curriculum we use, but we have teachers who help us supplement to meet the educational objectives for BC. I signed them up late, so one of our teachers didn't get word that she had one of our kids as her student. Some of the curriculum didn't get ordered yet. So I spent a couple of days getting little snags straightened out . . . while the disappointing answer to prayer was unfolding.

Yesterday I went shopping for an iron. We have had more irons than I care to count over the years of our marriage. I want one particular iron, because it has a couple of features on it that will prevent problems we've had in the past. Everywhere I went to buy it they didn't have it in stock. One store had every iron of that brand . . . except the model I'm looking for! And the service at stores . . . or should I say lack of service? Wal Mart is the most frequent offender for this lack of service. When we asked if they had the iron perhaps in stock, we were answered with "probably not." The employee did not even offer to look and see. Grrrrr.

Today Wes realized that we didn't have our rooms at the rec centre again tonight. This happens several times a year. We have a children's performance coming up Sunday night, and we needed to practice tonight - at the rec centre, in our regular room! Then part of our group couldn't come due to school commitments. So we practiced here at the house while the adults had Bible study in the living room, just like old times. Due to not having all the kids here, we're going to move the performance out another week, so that all of them can practice together once more. Small churches have just as many stressful situations as larger churches, just a different kind.

Each of these things separately would be small. But with all of them together, it's been Stress City for me this week! There are a couple of spots on my shoulders that are tender and sore. Just writing all this out has helped some. Thanks for listening! I promise to be in a better mood next time I write!


  1. Susan, I just prayed that you would have a GREAT day today (Friday) to end out your week of stress!

    I can sure identify with your week, although I only had ONE stressful, everything-go-wrong sort of day this week. The very next day the Lord turned everything around, and just as many good things happened as bad things the day before. It encouraged me, so I'm praying that you'll have an encouraging day, too. Hang in there! :)

  2. Praying for you, Susan!

    Lean on the Rock! I recently went througha very difficult season, but the Lord taught me a lot during that time.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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