Monday, September 18, 2006

Pastors' Conference This Week


The days are moving at incredible speed! Tonight begins the long-anticipated Canadian Independent Baptist Pastors' Conference sponsored by Greater Vancouver Baptist Church. This is an annual two-day conference held in a different location each year. I've wanted to go, but the past two have been in Ontario - a long way from here during lean times financially. But this one is just a drive across the bridge! Wes and the boys are involved in some of the music, and I'm looking forward to the preaching. I feel like a dry sponge sometimes. I get my husband's preaching on Sunday nights, which is wonderful, but the other two services of the week, I am teaching the children's classes. I'm not complaining about teaching - I enjoy it - but I do miss the preaching. So I plan to just sit and soak it all in tonight and tomorrow. We have taken tomorrow off of school so that we can go to all the services and enjoy the pastors' luncheon.

I think I've figured out why it's the pastor's/missionary's wife who many times falls by the wayside in the midst of the ministry. She is very busy devoting herself to her family, her home, her part in the ministry, and somewhere in all that busyness, she begins to ease up on her own spiritual nourishment. She begins to weaken, and before long, church and all that goes with it are just another thing she has to do. Satan loves to get to the pastor/missionary, and one sure way to get to him is through his wife. If she is weakened or falls out of the race, the man of God is hurt, sometimes stopped in his tracks, and his ministry is at the very least weakened, at the worst, ended. I am learning just how important a personal, living walk with the Lord is to everyone, but especially to the minister's wife. It's another facet of taking care of ourselves, ladies. We have to eat well physically to maintain good health and strength, and we have to do the same spiritually. Whether you're a ministry wife or not, take time each day to personally talk with the Lord, listen to Him through His Word and through some preaching or teaching, and keep your spiritual life strong and healthy. Your husband needs you - your children need you - your Sunday school students need you - your unsaved friends and loved ones need you.

I'll be back later in the week to share some of the highlights of the conference with you. Have a great week!


  1. I hope you have a blessed week and enjoy a time of sweet refreshment!

  2. Have a wonderful time tonight and tomorrow night!!!

  3. We're not in any full time ministry, Susan, but I try really hard to reach out to those ladies who are. And I've seen what you're talking about. We had a commissioning service last night for a missionary couple leaving out of our church and I was so glad that our Pastor wanted to pray specifically over the wife.

    I'm glad you're getting to go to the conference this year and I pray that the Lord blesses you richly.


  4. Hi Susan, Thanks for those wise words reminding us to care for ourselves. It's sounds like something selfish to do, but it really isn't. The better we feel the better we can help others feel. My daughter is wondering if she and her tour group from HAC visiting your church a few years ago. Do you ever have tour groups visit from there? I also want to encourage you to check out of church's web-site for ladies: It might be of some encouragement to you. Thanks, Julie Fink


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