Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day of Reckoning

My day of reckoning came today. Actually, it came Friday, but I didn't get the results till today. I recently had my yearly physical, and my doctor ordered all the blood tests common for a diabetic. I'm doing fine with my cholesterol and all those other things that they test (liver function is a teeny tiny bit high, but not enough for alarm) . . . but my blood sugar levels are horrible. I've been living on the edge, so to speak, and I just fell off.

He is giving me 1-3 months to get my fasting glucose level back down. It was over 200 Friday morning (11.3 for any Canadian diabetics). My 3-month average, called the Hemoglobin A1c, is a whole point higher than it was in April, but still only a little bit over the upper limit for a diabetic. The doctor said my liver function results are probably high because my sugar levels are high. It may be that my condition is getting worse, but it's more likely that I just loosened up too much (because I know what I've been/not been doing). It's time to tighten up my meals and start taking a daily walk again. I knew I hadn't been feeling as well lately, and I was pretty sure why. He's testing my fasting glucose again in a month, then the A1c in 3 months. If my lifestyle changes don't help, then he'll have to intervene with medication. I was on medication in the US, and I don't like the side effects. I want to work to stay off medicine, but I don't remember that when I'm popping a cookie in my mouth or eating a few french fries.

So there you have it. I've got to do better.


  1. Susan, I hope it isn't too miserable for you as you work to get your sugar levels back down.

    Also, thanks for being honest about the struggles you face being diabetic. It is often the reminder I need to be more careful with my own eating and lifestyle habits (and PCOS). Thank you.

  2. Sure sorry to hear about your diabetes problems. Prayers just said for you & wishing you well in your diabetes control.

    With hubby & I both being diabetic I can so relate. It is a real struggle trying to control it. My last HBA1C was a 6.5 which the dr considered to be good but the intern helping him out that day considered it to be bad so they changed me from Actos to some type of Glucophage mixed with something else. I haven't had the diarrhea type stuff as bad with it as I did with reglar glucophage but have had some gastric discomfort & having to go to the bathroom with it. Yikes. Poor hubby has high numbers when he goes to the drs but & yet he goes hypo at home sometimes. That is good you are controlling without meds. That's how they are having my dad control his.

    Wishing you the best with your diabetes & God bless you & your family & ministry...


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