Friday, August 18, 2006

To Answer a Question . . .

Happymama asked about Samuel's school plans for this fall:

Doesn't your son leave for school soon? Where is again that he's going??

Our plan for Samuel has always been for him to stay home a year after he graduated, so that is what he's doing. He won't be idle, though; he's taking some courses from West Coast Baptist College online this year.
They have a one-year Bible diploma available online, and of course the credits will transfer when he goes there to college next fall. We feel this will keep him in that "learning" frame of mind, give him some credits toward his degree, keep him busy, and give him a bit of a feel for college courses (the courses are recorded in the classroom, so he'll become familiar with a traditional classroom setting). He loved WCBC when he went down last spring on a college-days trip, and he feels that's where God wants him to go.

The picture above is Samuel at the Fun Park Wednesday.

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  1. Hope things go well this year! My husband is interested in furthering his degree online.


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