Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This and That

I'm still at a blogging impasse! There's just not much going on right now, and I'm not witty or clever enough to spin a lot of nothing into golden bloggy words.

I've been looking through the Tour of Homes over at BooMama's. I have enjoyed that SO much! I've loved seeing all the houses, and finding that many of the bloggers who participated are a lot like me: they live in a regular old house with regular old furniture and regular old decorations! Yay! If you haven't taken the tour, drop by and take a gander.

Wes and I have started counting Weight Watchers points again. We both lost a bit of weight earlier this year just by counting points; we didn't join WW. We both feel more in control of our eating when we do this, simply because counting points keeps us mindful of how much and what kinds of foods we're shoveling in. So far this week, I haven't done a great job of controlling how many points I have, but I've faithfully written them down. When I run out of flex points, I'll just starve! Maybe tomorrow I'll do better. These first two days have been a bit rough around the edges. Wes has a bit of an advantage: he's allowed 30 points per day, while I'm only allowed 22. That's probably a good thing though, because he doesn't eat much in the way of fruits and veggies, which are low- and no-point foods, so he has to fill up on things like Swiss Cake Rolls (6 points). I, on the other hand, can use my points in teeny tiny increments with an apple (1 point) or a big salad (0 points, until you add salad dressing). We did switch over to turkey bacon when we watched points earlier, and we eat turkey sausage now too. Those little things shave points here and there and help out tremendously in the overall scheme of things. When Wes saw the doctor while we were doing points before, he (the doctor) said to keep up with what we were doing. We just took a little break for travel, camp, life . . . you know.

Well, one more thing and I'll stop. I just couldn't wait till I have pics and more info to tell you about this! My brother and sister-in-law had their new baby today! It's a girl. That's all I know. Well, except that she has dark hair and big feet! I'm waiting for someone to call or IM me with all the details and for my mom to e-mail me some pictures. She was headed out the door to the hospital when I heard from her last. So that will be a definite post when I have some pics!


  1. Wavin hi atcha! I've been so busy, but I've been reading your blog. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Oh, and your blog posts are interesting. :D

  2. Sis Rachel9:08 PM

    Congratulations, "Aunt Susan"! :)


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