Sunday, August 27, 2006

Surgery Tomorrow

My niece, Charity Holden, will be having surgery Monday around noon, Eastern time. You all have been so faithful to pray for her, and we ask you to pray especially tomorrow. As far as I know, she's doing fine right now, and she should do well after the surgery, according to the doctors. Thanks so much for praying!


  1. What a beautiful little bundle. We'll certainly pray.


  2. I just saw this post today, I'll keep Charity in prayer!

  3. Susan, I just prayed for this precious little one.

  4. We'll be praying that she can come home to Mommy and Daddy soon!

  5. Just beautiful, I also just prayed for her. Miss Susan, I am going to email you about the couple on deputation to go to British Columbia as missionaries :) thank you so much for your comments on my blog.

  6. Whata cute baby! Prayers just said for her, you, your family & you church & hubby. May God be with you, you family & the baby at this time. She si so cute...

  7. She is so beautiful! Praying here, though late.....



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