Thursday, August 24, 2006


I got a message from my dad this morning that Charity's surgery has been rescheduled for Monday morning, to give the doctor time to do another CT scan to pinpoint the exact place that he needs to cut. Jason is on his way down to Charleston and will spend the weekend down there. Once again, thanks for praying!


  1. Poor little thing...praying for the Dr and family.-heather

  2. Keep us posted, Sis~We'll continue to pray for that sweet little one.


  3. side note :) We are stationed in Okinawa, and attend Maranatha Baptist Chuch (IFB) We came from Calvary Baptist in Yucca Vallye- one of your supporting churches. Anyway, the Navato family's daughter and her husband are going to British Columbia as missionaries...:) small world huh?-heather

  4. More prayers just said for her & the family. Hope things go better for her. God Bless...

  5. Heather - do you know where this family is going? When? Their name? We don't know anyone personally at that church! LOL You can e-mail me if you'd like - addy is in my profile.

    Thank you all, ladies, for praying for my niece. Surgery is tomorrow!


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