Saturday, August 26, 2006

Men Just Amaze Me

Wes called a friend of ours tonight to set up a practice time for a song they're singing together in a few weeks. This friend and his wife were almost two weeks overdue with their second child, and the last we heard yesterday, she was in labor. So when Wes calls him tonight, he asks if they're all done having the baby. I hear him say, "Well, good." Then they launch into their 30-second conversation setting up the practice time. When Wes hung up the phone, I asked if the baby had come.


"Well, what was it?" I ask.

"You know, I didn't think to ask, and he didn't volunteer any information."

He didn't think to ask??? This baby is nearly two weeks late, and we've known since yesterday that it was on the way, and he doesn't ask? And the father doesn't offer any information?

He called our friend back. It's a girl, their second, and she weighed 7 1/2 pounds. Her name is Julia Rachel. There. I feel better! Congratulations, Pastor and Mrs. W!!!

Image courtesy of Classic Celebrations.


  1. Yup! That sounds like a man! Hee hee hee!

  2. My beloved is the same way!LOL.

  3. LOL! They ARE amazing!

  4. I probably could have told that story. In fact, I think I have! NOt on my blog, of course, but its sooooo typical.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Men are so funny in the way of getting info. Not just about details of a baby's birth either. I'm talking about details about anything. I know my hubby lacks in this area anyway. But I'm used to it. I just ask and if the info isn't there then I just call myself or ask him politely to call back and get the needed info.

  6. How funny! Yep but they're so good at other things! :0)


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