Sunday, August 06, 2006


We are finally home to stay! Yay! We had a great second week at camp. I must say that I feel much more comfortable in the kitchen, and it's also more restful than counseling. Looking over the two weeks, I think it was a nice balance to counsel one week and work in the kitchen the next. There was a lot of good fellowship working with other ladies, and we got to interact with the kids a bit too. I really enjoyed it!

There were no salvations this week, but there was a large response each chapel service. Lots of kids made commitments to the Lord. There was one girl who got saved the night before camp started, and it took a lot of courage, but she gave her testimony at the end of the week. She was a blessing! We had a bonfire the last night of camp, and many kids gave testimony of what the Lord had done in their hearts during the week. There's a feeling of satisfaction to have been a part of that, and to see these kids who were already saved and many who were already serving the Lord actively give testimony of how the Lord had worked in their lives.

We were pleased that the teen boy we took from our church really enjoyed camp. As we were leaving, he said he wished he could stay another week. The morning messages were focused on being a witness to those around us, and he seems to have been deeply moved and gotten excited about soulwinning! It's such a joy to see others get excited about things of the Lord, and we're grateful that Ryan could go with us to camp. He's already expressed interest in going next year and all the years that he's eligible to go.

Now to get back to normal life - whatever that may be! LOL I plan to sit down for a bit this afternoon and get my head cleared about what needs to be done this week. We'll make a grocery run, for one thing, and I need to start getting things in order for school again. I want to get back into my cross stitch, which I put away when we went to Texas in May and never really got back out again, and I want to do some sewing. The sewing may wait; I don't know. I'm just anxious to get back into a routine again. Looking forward to a new week!


  1. I'm so glad you had a great time!

  2. Glad you're back Susan. Missed your posts! And glad you had a good time.

  3. I'm glad you had a good time in the Lord and that you're back. I've missed reading your posts!!

    Sometimes the week after you get back from somewhere can be very stressful. Remember to take a few minutes for yourself this week! :)

    Love ya,

  4. Glad you're back, we missed you!
    Camp is such a hard, wonderful time. Its a privilege to be a part of it.


  5. So glad you're home! Best wishes to you as you tackle a mountain of laundry and restock the fridge!
    Mrs. C

  6. Welcome back. Sounds like you had a great and busy time.

    We are on our annual 2 weeks or so trip to visit Mikes sister in OH. We like to stop off at Hawks Nest, WV on the way up as it's too far to travel all the way there from VA in one day & esp with our diabetes. So we stay a coupla days at Hawks nest, VA on the way up & then a day at Huntington, WV then onward to Ohio. On the way back we've been staying at a Christian retreat in Ghent, WV.

    Well my folks wanted to go to Hawks Nest with us to see what it was all about. Plus their bedroom is being painted this week & they din't want to be around the fumes. They decided to stop on the way up there at Natural Bridge, VA for a coupla days. They drove seperate from us as when we're thru here & go to Mikes sisters they'll go on home.

    We had a nice day & 1/2 at Natural Bridge, VA. They have a Drama of the Creation there. A friend of mine from church recommended it so wen went. We loved it. They gave the storey of the Creation from the KJV Bible at Natural Bridge at nite with the lights lite u & intrumental symphonic music played. They played hymns at the end of it. It was so awesome. We went to church today at a Baptist church across the street from Natural Bridge & it was nice. It dated back to the 1800's. The preacher & some of the church members had gone to Slovakia for a coupla months to get Slovaks saved. I wish my dad could've seen that since he's Slovak. That was neat to hear about their missions trip.

    We had lunch at Douthat State park. We went to the Magic Mart store in Rainelle, WV. It was like a K-Mart. Good thing we were going there cuz Mike forgot his toiletries & shoes & I got the blame for it lol. I offered to pack his stuff in the car & he said no he'd do it himself. I said I didn't mind & would do it for him I asked him were they on the bed. He said yes. Apparently his bag of shoes & his toiletries bag weren't on the bed & he didn't think to double check after me. That'll teach him not to go off without double checking behind me. :) At least we didn't forget our medicines.

    This is a nicer room than we normally have. It is a bigger bedroom that what we normally have when we come here & room for 4 folks. & A nice living room. They have the bedroom & we have the living room. And then I don't get into my moms hair. LOL. Onward to Mikes sisters in Ohio Fri.

    On the way back home we are gonna stay overnite at a Christian Motel in Beckley,WV one nite & then the Christian retreat in Ghent, WV. Should be fun.

    Anyway the reason I am babbling on about all of that is that I thought you good folks would enjoy hearing about the Drama of the Creation & that Baptist churches missions trip.

    Welcome back! :)

  7. So happy that you had a great time. :) Camp is fun....but there's nothing like coming home. :o) Let us know what sewing projects you will work on!

  8. I know how you feel! After being gone and staying soooo busy this summer, I'm glad that I'm finally able to be at home!! I'm soooooo enjoying being here! :) Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for being able to be used of the Lord this summer to be a blessing to others.......there's just no place like home though. :):)

  9. Glad that you're home! and that you enjoyed yourself! I'm happy to hear of the decisions made for the Lord!

  10. I'm so glad you're back Susan! I've missed you! (o:


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