Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Havin' Some Fun

Yesterday Wes asked me to fix supper for lunch so he could take us to Castle Fun Park in Abbotsford, BC. I'm still getting used to having Wednesdays off from church since we changed our midweek service to Thursday! We had such a fun time today! We played miniature golf, rode bumper cars and go karts, and played some arcade games (we won enough points together to get 4 boxes of candy!). It's been years since I rode a go kart, but it was huge fun! I think I must be a bit old for bumper cars, though; it felt like I was banging against a brick wall. Wes won mini golf (surprise, surprise), but Andrew got the most points (I reminded him of that to console him, but it didn't seem to work). Wes got a hole-in-one on the 18th hole and won a free game, too. Next time I know I'm going to ride anything, I'm wearing a long skirt. Knee-length skirts don't mix very well with bumper cars and go karts.

I only got to speak to my brother for a few minutes online this afternoon. He had left his camera at the hospital, so he didn't have any pictures of Charity with him at home. My mom tried to send some too, but nothing has arrived in my e-mail. So I still haven't seen this baby! By the time we got home tonight, it was almost 11:00 out there. That's the biggest problem we have with communicating with our family on the east coast - the 3-hour time difference. So tomorrow I will be sure to get in touch with somebody, somehow.

One praise concerning Charity. Early in the pregnancy, an ultrasound showed a potential problem with her heart. The doctor ran an ultrasound today, just to be sure, and he said that her heart is perfect. She completely healthy! So we're all praising the Lord for that.


  1. HI Susan, I'm so happy to hear that baby Charity had a good test result. Isn't God good?? Personally, I wouldn't allow my OB doc to administer any tests and I told them straight up that if they found anything wrong in the ultrasound I did not want to know. They thought I was NUTS! But I've heard of too many women being stressed over a diagnosis that ended up being nothing. Especially with the alpha-beta protein test. I don't know that I've ever known any of those tests with a negative find to actually be true. Oh well....that's my rant on pregnancy testing. LOL ANYWAY!!!!glad you had a wonderful time with your family. Doesn't your son leave for school soon? Where is again that he's going??

  2. Sounds like you have a great time! Kevin and I went recently too. I'd never ridden a go-kart, so that was a new experience for me. When our time was up, I was MORE than ready to get out! All that jostling around...I must be getting old too. ;-)

  3. What fun! Mr. C and I haven't done any of that since before the kiddos came along. A new putt-putt place recently opened nearby, so maybe we'll get to try that soon. We don't have a babysitter, so that makes it hard to do those kinds of activities with the little ones.
    Mrs. C


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