Friday, August 18, 2006

Camp Pictures!

Wes has posted some of the pictures he took at Camp YES! during Teen Week. I'll whet your appetite with a few here, but click on the link above to see all of them!

Camp - Beth

Beth participating in the nightly burping contest. I'm proud (?) to say she won for her cabin!

Camp - Samuel

Samuel's turn to burp. He didn't win.

Camp - Andrew

Andrew "getting ready for the day." Not bad, considering those aren't his hands doing the work. They're Pastor Wiebe's - hiding behind Andrew!

Camp - Musical Pies

These guys and gals were honored during the week. They're the Seniors, and this was their last year of camp. They got to play the special game "Musical Pies." The one holding the pie when the music stopped got to cream the person to his right. Samuel just didn't have the heart to really cream Annalyn - what a guy!

These are some of the fun pictures. Wes included some that showed some of the serious work of camp too. I hope you'll take a peek, if you get a chance.


  1. Oh it looks like tons of fun. I love camp!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pictures! I enjoyed looking at them. :)

  3. LOL!! I'm sure you were "proud" of your "talented" children. :)


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