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Our home church, Baptist Temple in Ft. Worth, TX, is going through a bittersweet time right now. Our pastor of nearly 20 years, Bro. Mickey Hollars, resigned as pastor on August 6th. There is nothing wrong; nothing has happened to make him leave. For about 3 years he has been praying about moving on to another ministry. He has felt during that time that he has brought our church as far as he could, and it was time to move. This has been a matter of prayer for the entire 3 years, and he has just now gotten the assurance from the Lord that now is the time. He will be joining the staff of Champion Baptist College in Hot Springs, Arkansas, under the ministry of Bro. Eric Capaci and Gospel Light Baptist Church. Knowing Bro. Mickey as we do, we know that this decision was made neither hurriedly nor lightly. We love him and support him 100%, and wish him God's richest blessings as he enters this new ministry.

Yesterday was the the farewell service for Bro. Mickey. We listened online to many of our brothers and sisters there give testimonies about what he has meant to them and their families. Some shared fond memories, which made us laugh and cry. He was our family's pastor for 16 years, so we shared many of those memories. Bro. Mickey is a humble, unassuming man, but at the same time not afraid to preach right down the line of Scripture. He stands for soulwinning, the King James Bible, separation, purity, and dedication to the Lord. He is an excellent pastor and teacher, a man of compassion and forgiveness. We sure will miss having him as our pastor!

Over the years we picked up some of his sayings:

"Soulwinning is everything."
"It doesn't matter where you are as much as which direction you're headed."
"That's what the Bible says . . . you can like it, lump it, bump it, dump it . . ."
"There's always room to improve."
"Hurry up! Jesus is coming!"
"We'll rest when we get to Heaven! There's work to be done!"
"Don't bring someone else's higher standard down to your lower standard."
"God will not do for you what you can do for yourself."
"Everybody is somebody!"
"I want to burn out for Jesus!"
"Make up your mind that you're going to serve Jesus."
"Wouldn't it be nice if the Bible meant what it said?" (This with sarcasm, of course)
"Come here and let me show you something." (This was when he needed a job done)
"Raise your hand." (This when he needed a volunteer - and you were it!)

Our church family will begin hearing pastoral candidates this Wednesday night. Please pray for them as they choose their next pastor. There's sadness over losing Bro. Mickey, but there's great excitement over what God is doing at Baptist Temple! We plan to remain missionaries of Baptist Temple, with no change in our status there. We're looking forward to getting to know our new pastor and plan to support him just as strongly as we have Bro. Mickey.


  1. Susan, that's so sweet that you've kept all those little sayings. I have several from my Pastor in my Bible. They are little nuggets. I loved the one about the Bible, like it,lump it, etc. That was good.
    I know you'll miss seeing him when you return home for visits and such. I'll have to check out the college site. I don't know that I've ever heard of them.


  2. Bro. Capaci is a tremendous preacher and has a growing ministry! I'm sure Bro. Hollars will be a blessing in his new position. Praying for your home church during this time of transition.

  3. Thanks for writing out all those sayings from your pastor... they are good!

    All the assistant pastors at my church have eventually left their position to become missionaries sent out of our church... we joke that the present assistant pastor should be prepared to go to the field someday!

    God always provides someone else to fill in the gap and I'm sure He will at your church too..

  4. Prayers just said for him & the church as they are going thru his moving on. Our church has had pastors move on to other churches etc over the yrs & they went on to bigger churches etc while we got a new pastor that was really good. Blessings...

  5. Oh Susan,
    Wow, is Baptist Temple going to still be Baptist Temple without Bro. Micky and his wife??? Really?

    My husband went to Bible college with alot of the guys there and we have fond memories of the preach fests there at the old building and Bro. Micky was always so gracious. Hey we got turned onto the bus ministry after seeing Bro. Bebee at a church bus conference there once.

    Well we wish Bro Micky and his sweet family all the best up there at Champion.

  6. Thank you all for your prayers for our pastor and our church family as they seek a new pastor!

    Tori, thanks for sharing your memories of our church! It will seem strange going to visit and not finding Bro. Mickey there, but we'll hop over to Arkansas to visit him. It'll still be Baptist Temple, just with a different flavor, probably! The people are still the same!


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