Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some Days . . .

As you know, we rent rooms for our church at the local recreation centre. Because it's a community facility, there are times when our rooms are already booked for another group, and we have to either cancel that service or meet somewhere else. Sometimes there's another room in the facility available, and we know well enough in advance to book that room and let our folks know that there's been a change. We also get a contract at the beginning of the contract year, detailing each day for each room, including the days that we can't have one or both rooms during the year.

We arrived at "church" tonight to a full parking lot. If it were truly our church building, that would have been a most welcome sight! But, being as this is a community centre, we immediately knew that other groups had rented the rooms for this evening. Wes didn't recall this date being one that was full. We discussed this for a minute in the car, then Wes decided we'd go in first and see if maybe these groups were just wrapping up and would be gone by the time our service was supposed to start. It was obvious as we stood in the hallway outside the rooms that their meetings were in full swing, not even slightly winding down! As we go back out to the parking lot, we notice even more cars coming into the parking lot. Oh, my goodness . . . we can only get in 15 minutes early to set up our rooms, so it's almost time to start, and our folks don't know that we can't meet. Wes gets on his cell phone and calls the 4 families who normally come, and then we waited for the one single lady whose new phone number we didn't have yet. She was late! LOL So, having notified everyone, we came back home.

We'd really love to find a place to rent that could be ours to use as we wish. We're praying toward that end . . . especially after tonight! LOL


  1. Is there ever a normal day on the missionfield????

    Goodness, that must have been so frustrating.

  2. That is definitely life on the mission field. We rent our community centre for church and we have had them not show up to open, so back to the house for church.

  3. I'll be praying you find something soon.

    Does your hubby know a businessman or at least have an established relationship with one that would be willing to rent you a space for Wed. evenings and Sunday? We have a Pastor friend that does that. They rent an Insurance Company's building.
    Well, I'm sure you've looked into all sorts of things. But it was just an idea. Regardless, I'll be praying.


  4. I'll be praying, too, Susan!

  5. I just prayed that you good folks would get a bldg that works for you. Best wishes...

  6. How frustrating. I hope you find something more reliable soon.

  7. I'll be praying for y'all as well. I know that has to be frustrating. God has something somewhere that y'all could us...its just a matter of it being revealed to y'all. I'll put y'all on our Saturday night prayer list.

  8. What a day! The devil just loves it when that happens. Praying for you!


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