Monday, July 03, 2006

Our Weekend

Well, it was a busy weekend. On Friday, Wes and I took a drive up the coast a bit to Squamish, BC, and Shannon Falls Park. It was our date for the week. Squamish is about an hour away, which is all we had time for, because of the Canada Day picnic - Wes had to finish studying for Sunday. We had a nice, leisurely drive up. Highway 99, the Sea to Sky Highway, is under construction for the 2010 Olympics, and that slowed us down a bit. It was also a beautiful, sunny day, and it was nice to drive in the sunshine and just enjoy the day and each other. We stopped on the way back for a picnic lunch at Murrin Provincial Park, a small park with a pretty little lake and some picnic tables. I think there are some hiking trails, but we haven't been on them yet. Looking back over this paragraph, it looks like a travel brochure for British Columbia! There are just so many places to see and things to do that it will take us the rest of our lives to just scratch the surface.

Saturday, as you know, was our Canada Day picnic. I was so tired that night that my side of the bed was not even wrinkled the next morning - I don't think I moved once I got in the bed! I vaguely remember Wes coming to bed. This from the gal he has to tell to go to bed, or I'd stay up half the night!

Sunday was an average day at church. We had our usual people, for which we are very grateful. We have such a faithful group of folks! Because of the holiday weekend, our rec centre closed at 3 p.m. on Sunday, so we didn't have our Sunday night service. Instead, we visited Urban Community Baptist Church, an independent Baptist church in the very heart of downtown Vancouver. Nestled right in the high rises! Urban Community started last October, and they are doing a great job over there. If I'm not mistaken, UCBC is the first independent Baptist church ever in downtown Vancouver. They were the church that joined us on Saturday for the picnic. Pastor and Mrs. Beliveau have become dear friends to us, and it was a pleasure to join them for their service Sunday night.

All three of our kids have been invited to help with Greater Vancouver Baptist Church's VBS this week. They are loving that! I take them over by 9:00, they help out wherever they're needed, and Wes picks them up a little after noon. Andrew was helping with the 9 & 10 year olds today, and he had the privilege of leading one little boy to the Lord! Samuel has also been helping GVBC with some painting and cleaning up in preparation for the Canadian Independent Baptist Pastors' Conference, which will be held there in September. I'm so glad it's here this year; that means I get to go with Wes! Anyway, the kids have enjoyed having some extra stuff to do. We're also getting excited about Camp YES! All of us will be going, and we have at least one camper going with us, and even four maybes. That is exciting to us, to have even one camper to take with us! July has started with a bang for us, and it'll go out pretty exciting too, with Junior Camp starting the last week of July.

And tonight was Beth's piano recital! All of the kids did a great job! Beth gets so nervous that her hands literally shake as she plays. I know the feeling, believe me! But she did fine. She was supposed to play trills in her second song, but they just wouldn't come out with her hands shaking so badly, but no one knew that except Beth, her teacher, and me. No one even knew they were missing! She's off for the summer now, but she has some books to practice from. Her teacher is expecting a new baby in August, so lessons won't resume till the end of September this year. It'll be a long wait for Beth, but we're both excited about the new baby!

Whew! It's tiring just to think about it all! We're busier this month than we were during the school year. I've found that I like to stay busy. I don't get as lazy, because I know I have to keep up or it'll all come crashing down around me. I think I'll go lie down now . . . ;)

P.S. I do have lots of pictures from the weekend, but Wes downloaded them onto his computer. I'll have to get him to put them where I can get to them!

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  1. Wow, busy weekend! I've wondered where you were. :)

    I loved reading all about it! Have a happy 4th!


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