Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our Little Jaunt

Today Beth and I took a friend of hers and went shopping in Washington. It was just over the border in Bellingham, but it was my very first time crossing THE BORDER by myself. I've always been with Wes when we've gone over the border, so I was just a tiny bit nervous about it. I'd been with him enough to know that you just answer the questions and stay calm. It's not like you're crossing into enemy territory! LOL

After a late start, we arrived to a 30-minute wait at the border. Beth's friend's family were already in Bellingham, having gone down last night for a family time, and we were supposed to meet them at their hotel around 11:00 or so. It was 11:15 when we got to the border! Yikes! I called them and told them my predicament, and we decided to meet at the food court in the mall at 12:15. That seemed reasonable. I had some letters I needed to mail for Wes, which was the main reason for the trip. As we got through the border a few minutes earlier than I had expected - and with only 2 questions asked of me - I decided to stop at the post office in Blaine so I wouldn't forget. It took longer in the PO than I expected, so we didn't make it to the mall by 12:15. I was embarrassed, but not cringing, as we ran through the mall (of course we went in at the opposite end of the mall!). Collected Beth's friend, chatted with her mom, and started on our survey of the mall. I only get to an American mall about twice a year, so I like to make the most of it when I go. Being without my loving-but-not-a-lover-of-shopping husband, I was free - FREE - to go to all those stores we have to run past when Wes is with us! I usually pass by saying, "That looks interesting in there . . ." while he just keeps walking. This mall does have nice recliners out in the middle though. How thoughtful of them! :)

My first stop was Kay's Jewlers to have my ring and necklace cleaned and inspected. The necklace had two stones loose, so it's being repaired. Gotta love my husband for buying those warranties that cover loss, loose stones, resizing . . . necklace will be fixed free of charge. When he does shop, he does a bang-up job of it! ;) I wonder if they'll get those knots out of the chain too?

Christopher & Banks is our favorite store, thus it was our next stop. Beth and I tried on identical tops, and we both had the same problem - our shoulders are too thick. A large was too big and a medium was too small. Had to pass on that top. It sure was cute, though. There was nothing else today that we could afford. We'll have to go back in the fall, when things really go on sale, and maybe we have some money saved up.

We visited The Gap. I've never been in The Gap before. We heard (from Beth's friend's dad) that they had men's pants on sale for $6.97 a pair. These were $42.50 pants. I found a pair of pants each for Wes, Samuel, and Andrew. Total at The Gap - $26.00 for almost $130.00 worth of pants. All three of my guys needed some pants, and I was thrilled to find them so inexpensive!

Bath and Body Works - love this place! I love their hand soaps, and they had them 3 for $10.00, so I picked up three new scents (new to us - no B&BW here) with some money I had made writing articles. Beth's friend bought some stuff for herself, and we really enjoyed being girlies and smelling all the girly stuff. Except for the stuff that looked like it might be for men? Ick. Neither of the girls liked that. I even tried some of that really glossy lip gloss, the thick, shiny kind that just sits there and makes it look like you're drooling all over your lips and your hair sticks to it when the wind blows? It was a little runny, so I had to grab a tissue and get it off my chin and from under my nose . . . and off my hands. I'm tellin' you, that stuff went everywhere! You'd think a 41-year-old woman could apply lip gloss better than a horse! I decided I don't like this lip gloss, although it tasted good (isn't it the hardest thing to get lip gloss that feels good and tastes good?). I also want to try the Japanese Cherry Blossom stuff, but they didn't have the body spray. I'm picky. I wanted body spray.

Payless Shoe Source - charges outrageous prices for shoes here in Canada, so we visit in the US every chance we get. Nothing for us today, but it was fun to see the new styles.

Old Navy - another store I'd never been in. A bit young and trendy to suit me, but Beth found flip flops for camp. Fine with me. Didn't spend long in there. Not much modest clothing; you had to dig around to find it and then it still too expensive.

I realized sometime during the day that we were a blond (friend), a brunette (Beth), and a redhead (me). Were we a walking joke?!

A shopping trip just isn't complete without a visit to Wal Mart. That was our last stop, where I bought some toiletries and cleaners - once again, much cheaper in the US than Canada. Yes, even cheap enough to merit the gas expense. The girls looked at clothes, and I finally found them in the jewelry department - where else? - trying on sunglasses.

I was just a bit nervous at the border again. Beth's friend is Canadian and we are American. She is also not my child. You have to have everyone's documents, and answer all the questions. I guess I did ok: they actually let us back into Canada without searching the car or anything. Yes, the blond, the brunette, and the redhead!


  1. LOL you sound like me w/crossing the border...except mine was from US to Mexico....and something did happen when we crossed! hmmmmm feel a blog post coming on.....hehehe guess I will have to post the story on my blog

  2. lol it wasn't just shopping. It was an adventure!

    I didn't know you wrote articles (I don't think...I am getting forgetful these days)..that's neat..another thing we share in common. :)

  3. It sounds like you had such a lovely time! I'm impressed that you'd cross the border by yourself - I'd be scared to death to do it!

  4. Susan, you are too funny!

  5. What a fun day! I sure wish you could have found the Japanese Cherry Blossom spray. It is wonderful!

    Mrs. C

  6. Wow, seems like a great time, I'm trying not to be jealous. We cross broders all the time and we have had some real interesting experiences.

  7. A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette walk into a store.....I'll save that joke for another time. :)

    I cracked up at the lip gloss incident. That was so funny, Susan. I kept picturing it in my head. Hehehehe LOL

    Sounds like you had a good time and found a few good deals. Especially with the pants. I wonder if the Gap here has that same sell going on. I'll have to check that out.


  8. Sounds like you had a great outing.

  9. Sounds fun!!

    I love the way you wrote it because I felt as if I were right there, along with you!

  10. Susan, I laughed out loud about the lip gloss incident! That sounds like something I would do!

    I bought lip gloss at B&BW just a few days ago, and I wish I could have tried it out before I bought it! It's thick and gooey, and it tingles my lips, and it tastes and feels like I'm smearing pink toothpaste on my lips! LOL


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