Friday, July 07, 2006

Our Hearts Are Heavy

We've known for a couple of weeks that one of our favorite preachers, Dr. Ron Gearis of Rock of Ages Prison Ministry, has been diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Gearis is one of those men of God that you learn to love because of what he is, not just because he's a well-known preacher who comes to your church every couple of years. Bro. Gearis is a humble man outside the pulpit, but when he gets up to preach, he just preaches the Word with boldness. When he's talking to you personally, it's like you're the most important person in the world. Such a gracious man! Truly a prince among preachers, in my opinion.

I read on a message board the a couple of weeks ago that Bro. Gearis had cancer. They were going to run tests to see the extent of the cancer, but I hadn't heard any more. I mentioned it to my pastor's wife, and our pastor called Mrs. Gearis today. She told him that the news is not good at all. The cancer has spread through his entire body, and the doctors are not giving him long to live. Please pray for him and his family during this time. Our family loves Bro. and Mrs. Gearis, and we will surely be praying for him and his wife.


  1. Our Pastor is quite close to Bro. Gearis and our church has been praying for him....

    At first it sounded like it wasn't that bad but I guess now it's pretty bad.

    We're losing all the old-time saints to heaven....good for them....bad for us. )o:

  2. We heard about this at the campmeeting. We were praying for him then and am still continuing to pray for him. I don't know why I didn't put a post on my site to request prayer for him. I'm glad you did though. The news is grim but his future is mighty bright!!

  3. My family has been praying for him and his family..My mothers pastor is very close to his family and I was told by my mother..He s a great preacher..

  4. Been praying for hime and his family, Bet he can't wait to go Home! *Ü*

  5. I don't known him or have ever heard of him but I just prayed for him. May God be with him & his family as he prepares to go home...

  6. Susan,

    Jeff and I knw Bro Gearis also and we will be praying for him and his family. He is such a gem of a man.

  7. This is the first I've heard about Brother Gearis. Our church supports several couples out of this ministry. We'll be praying.

  8. We had an update today about Bro. Gearis.....the cancer is in his brain and it should be about 2 weeks til he's home in glory...

  9. I should have has spread and is now, also in the brain.

  10. I just read this. My heart just fell! I will make sure everyone I know also knows to pray for all of them. He's been a faithful man of God, not too easy to find these days!

  11. Archie Seale1:46 PM

    Bro. Gearis has been coming to our church, Calvary Baptist Church in Culpeper, Virginia the week before Christmas for the last 23 years. What it is to say that I have know him for 20 years, but that he and Mrs. Gearis are friends. I have eaten many meals and spent many hours in fellowship with Bro. and Sister Gearis. I just wanted to say that in my opinion, there is not a more godly man nor a better preacher than Bro. Gearis. When you talk to Bro. Gearis, you know that he truly walks with God and when you hear him preach, you see the power of God at work. Truly he will be missed but we all are praying that God will heal him and allow him many years of continued service. What a privilege to call Bro. and Sister Gearis my friends.

  12. Bro. Archie, what a privilege to know Bro. Gearis so well! He's been coming to our home church for about 15 years now, usually every couple of years, and my husband and I feel the same way about him that you do! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. David Lomax [FireMedic447]2:15 PM

    Been privileged to have Bro.Ron's & Judy's feet under my table more than a few times. Have knees, will pray.

    Dave Lomax
    Ewing, MO

  14. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I've known Dr. Gearis for quite a few years. I believe I was about the age of 12 when I heard him first. I've heard alot of preachers in my relatively short lifetime, and many of them I can't remember the name of or recall what they preached. But Dr. Gearis is one of those very few men of God that you can actually feel the presance of God is strongly with him.

    I don't think I can put into words just what kind of a man he is. But I'll say this. You will never in all your life find a man more concerned for your soul, and more dedicated to God's will, then Dr. Ron Gearis.

    He is by far, the most humble, yet fearless man of God I have ever heard in my entire life. Like one sister mentioned before, out of the pulpit he's the most friendly, humble man you'll ever know. In the pulpit, he's a man of God not afraid of anything or anyone.

    May the Lord be with him in his final days here on Earth. And may his departure from this world and his entrance to the next be a peaceful one. As is fitting for a man so dedicated to God's will.

    Thank you Brother Gearis for all you've done to help me see God's will in my life.

    Benjamin W.

  15. Archie Seale1:42 PM

    I talked to Bro. Gearis yesterday. We always have Bro. Gearis for a week of revival the week before Christmas. He told me that he believes that he's going to be able to come again this year for a couple of days to preach for us even if he has to preach from a wheelchair. Praise the Lord! I can't tell you what a blessing it was to hear that! Please pray that he and Mrs. Judy will be able to come. The people at Calvary Baptist Church in Culpeper, Virginia are truly blessed of the Lord. We sure do love Bro. Gearis and Mrs. Judy and all the Rock of Ages Missionaries. We've had 10 Rock of Ages men preach for us so far this year and have one scheduled this coming Sunday. God sure has used Bro. Gearis to do a great work!


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