Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Turn, I Suppose

I'm one of those pesky Baptists who has to ask, at the risk of being presumptuous, that you not nominate either of my blogs for one of Sallie's Blogs of Beauty Awards. The arguments have all been made, of course, so I won't add more to them. I would ask, though, that if you have already nominated one of them, please contact Sallie and ask her to remove it. I haven't been contacted by anyone asking if I can agree with the Nicene Creed, and the burden of finding that out rests with the people doing the nominating.

There seems to be quite some shock over the fact that there are people who "claim" to be saved, born-again Christians who haven't heard of the Creed or who don't accept it. I am Baptist. There has been a line of believers through the ages who never accepted any of the Catholic church's doctrine. Those believers were never a part of the Catholic church, so they didn't come out of the Catholic church during the Reformation. That line of believers can be traced through history to the Baptist churches of today. Our church history has never included the Nicene Creed, therefore, we have never used it in our worship, and the only thing we've been taught about it is that it exists historically (aside from the doctrinal issues already discussed). So please don't assume that all Christians accept something; check it out, ask questions . . . if you don't agree, that's fine. But please don't dismiss folks just because they don't accept something that is considered "normal" by the majority of Christians.

I'll close this by saying that I don't hold anything against Sallie. This is not a personal thing. I admire her for having the character to make strict guidelines and stick by them, even in the face of opposition. She is the one who set up the guidelines and asked that those not agreeing with them not participate. No one has considered that that's exactly what we've done - we've followed her guidelines. Can we get an A for effort, at least?! ;) Sallie is one of the bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog. Her blog is on my blogroll, and it will stay there, because I enjoy it . . . and now that the baby's coming, I've got to stick with her and meet Little Miss Peanut!


  1. Alison11:47 AM

    We use the Nicene Creed in the Anglican (Protestant) church, so I don't see it as belonging to the Catholic Church, I must say.
    In the part where it states "I believe in one holy, catholic and apostolic church", as I'm sure you know, this does _not_ refer to the Roman Catholic church at all, but purely to the catholicity of belief.

  2. Just curious, what part of the creed do Baptists disagree with? I was raised in non-denominational churches and am not familiar with all the beliefs of each denomination.

  3. Hope you don't mind, Susan, you've been tagged!

  4. Baptists do not disagree with the Nicene Creed. I've grown up in and chosen as an adult one of the more Fundamentalist strains of Baptist churches, and I can tell you for certain that Baptists do not disagree with any of its provisions.

    Baptists do have a bad habit of turning "no creed but Scripture" into a mantra that wards off history, though; and a bad habit of mistaking the Roman Catholic interpretation of patristic history for the truth, and then reacting against it.

    The major creeds are not perfect; they are good. If one understands the Apostles' Creed (which wasn't written by the Apostles) or the Nicene Creed (which wasn't written by the Roman Catholics) as they were written, one would wish to agree with them.

    Recite 'em weekly? Probably not in a Baptist church. But it's a shame to be so ignorant of them as to object to the language of Scripture included in them.

    Take care,

  5. Thank you Susan. (o:

  6. Mrs. Happy Housewife, Mrs. B described my thoughts exactly in her post on this, which you can find here. She posted this originally on Thursday, I believe. It's easier for me to point you to her blog than for me to write it all out again.

    Thank you all for your comments, even those who disagree with what I said. I appreciate your reading!

  7. You are so gracious I feel I've been churlish. Peace.

    If I may, "baptism for the remission of sins" is intentionally neutral language: it doesn't go far enough to suit anyone, but it is directly from Scripture.

    "one holy [yup] catholic ["is Christ divided?"] and apostolic ["whoever does not receive our witness is a deceiver and antichrist"] church" seems pretty unobjectionable. Any Baptist knows that this church *exists* in and among the local congregations, and that hierarchies are usurping the church, not embodying it. But that doesn't mean there isn't exactly one Body of Christ!

    Anyway, I'll have nothing further to say. Thanks again for your graciousness, and may the Lord bless your family and your ministry.

    Peace from Christ,

  8. Susan, thanks for linking to Mrs. B's post. I appreciate you pointing me to the answer to my question. :)

  9. I didn't even know she was doing that again. :)
    Did she have the creed guideline before??

  10. Hey, Courtney! I don't think she had that guideline last year, and I know she did it this year to have a high standard for the nominees. I don't have a problem with her having it - just can't agree to it myself! :)

  11. Call me a nutjob: I don't agree with 'contests' at all in the christian brother/sisterhood. Tag games are fun; if we seek to glorify Christ in us; what are we doing with these contests that a lovely comment can't provide in means of flattery? Just my nutball observation, I guess. Elly

  12. Call me a nutjob: I don't agree with 'contests' at all in the christian brother/sisterhood. Tag games are fun; if we seek to glorify Christ in us; what are we doing with these contests that a lovely comment can't provide in means of flattery? Just my nutball observation, I guess. Elly

  13. You add yet another perspective, Elly (by the way, my niece's name is Elly!). I don't have a problem with the contest, but you do add a point to consider. Thanks!

  14. Elly,

    Maybe you could consider that the contest actually has connected many women to each other who otherwise wouldn't have met.

    By nominating blogs for an award, these sisters are blessing another sister with recognition, and allowing others to be blessed by content they've enjoyed.

    I've seen where many new friendships have been created out of this contest.

    And since so many women can encourage and inspire other women by being noticed during the awards, even if their blog isn't a winner, wouldn't you agree this can glorify Christ?


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