Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's a Heat Wave

We're having record-breaking temps here in BC this weekend. Yesterday, we got up to about 90 at our house - without air conditioning. It was a clear, bright day, and teh sun just beat down. Slightly reminiscent of Texas. Except Ft. Worth has been well over 100 degrees for the past week. We may get close to those temps today, in the mid-90's, but we did wake up to clouds this morning. Still hot, but not quite as sunny, which helps a little. I've covered the front windows with dark quilts and comforters during the morning, and this afternoon we'll move them to the back windows. Our living room's back wall is virtually all glass, containing two double sliding glass doors (why in the world they made the whole wall glass, I'll never know!), and this wall faces west. The sun comes in and makes it hot in the house even on cooler days, so yesterday was nearly unbearable. So we'll block out as much of the sunlight as we can, close the doors so the hot air won't get in, and turn on the fans. We ended up going out to the patio at 10:00 last night to cool off. The heat wave is supposed to last through the middle of next week, but we're leaving for camp Monday morning. It will be hot there, but we'll be nearer the water, which hopefully will give us a bit of a breeze. Even our nice breeze is absent this weekend!

Other than the heat, we're in full preparation for camp - washing clothes, packing suitcases, buying snacks, making sure everyone has enough of everything, measuring out shampoo and soap. I made Beth a couple of new skorts, but one of them I messed up on the waistband really bad. If I'm going to have trouble with something, it's usually the waistband. The rest of the skort looks great, but that waistband . . . I'm going to have to remove it and make a new one. It's that bad.

That's it for now. I want to get some more work done before the heat of the day begins. Have a good weekend!


  1. I got hot just reading your post. LOL It's been pretty hot here too, but we do have air, so I won't complain.

    You said you made your daughter skorts. Don't you mean skoulottes? LOL :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time at camp. OH! Did you decide what decorations you were taking?

  2. Oh Susan, I can so realate. We're in a heat wave here in Croatia too. It's so hot in the 90s and the humidity is really high. Being from Ft. Worth too, I feel right at home. ;0)

    I need to make my daughter some more skoulottes (kristi), she has really outgrown last years.

  3. Whatever y'all want to call 'em! LOL It's long shorts with a front and back panel that makes it look like a skirt. The pattern is McCall's 4388 (I think that's right). They have such a clean line and are really easy to make . . . except for the waistband, which is just one of my quirks. I will take pics later, like 2 weeks from now. I'm exhausted from the heat and having to keep going to get everything done. I just finished putting away the sewing. Now I'm rambling - can you tell I'm tired???

  4. Hi Susan, we can relate to the heat with our A/C broken this week with another 3 days to go before the part arrives. Sleep is almost non-existent! How in the world do folks do this all the time??! I didn't know that y'all don't have A/C at all! I really feel that I have been complaining now! At least I'll eventually get it back!

    Hope you get everything done you're wanting to do before camp week. I'm guessing when you say you're leaving for camp on Mon morning that you actually will be physically away from your home all week long and return at the end of the week? Maybe you'll have a letter in your box when you get back. Look for it; I was hoping it would arrive before you left.

    Have a GREAT week! :)

  5. Hi, Deb! It's hot now, but this is unusual, so we don't really **need** AC all summer - but it's horrible when we do need it! LOL Since we were out of the house all morning, it was still cool when we came in from church. We heard on the radio that the temps will be cooling back down again beginning tomorrow - praise the Lord! I don't see how people do it in places where it's hot for so long without AC.

    Yes, we are leaving tomorrow morning and returning Friday around lunchtime. I would love to find a letter when I get home!!!! I'll be looking forward to it all week!

  6. Bless y'alls hearts!! I know that has to be hard to deal with when you aren't used to having air conditioning there....there really isn't a need for it there? I think it is hot everywhere!!

  7. I was just pickin at ya Susan. It's one of those IFB jokes. LOL I'll have to look up that pattern. I'd like to make Hannah something like that. When I make her coulottes I always use a capri pattern and widen the legs. So I'll have to try the skorts pattern. :) Hope you have a GREAT week!

  8. Hi Susan, it's hot here too!!! It looks like we're all getting hit! But just think how cool these temps appear to those who are burning eternally in hell!! ***yikes*** and no A/C! I guess with that thought, I can't complain about the 90+ degree heat, huh? I reminded me of a saying (not sure who said it):

    Eternity is too long and hell's fire too hot for anyone to reject the Gospel.

  9. It's been hot here in VA too. Kate is right that eternity is too long and hell's fire too hot for anyone to reject the Gospel. The way things are going in the middle east people had better get saved right now & get ready for the rapture. I better get on off of here & go read my Sword bible so I can go back to bed for awhile...

  10. Phew it sounds so hot near you. It's pretty hot here but not as hot as you are suffering. Hope you get chance to cool down. Blessings.

  11. I always wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! Thank you for taking the time to write it!
    Enjoy camp!


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