Saturday, July 15, 2006

Busy Times Ahead . . . Again!

I was thinking about all I have to do next week as I drifted off to sleep last night, and realized that I may have to cut my computer time short again this coming week. The three kids and I are scheduled to work at Junior Camp the last full week in July, and Wes is included the first week of August for Teen Camp (of course, the kids will be campers that week!). We still have a few things to buy to get ready for camp, and I have some skorts to make for Beth next week. I want to at least be familiar with my Sunday school lessons for the two Sundays of each week, so I'll need to spend some time on them next week, too. My Patch Club classes are cancelled, since I'll be at the camp on Thursday nights, and some of our Patch kids will be at camp too. So next week won't be too awful busy, but busy enough to disrupt the routine, you know?

I'm excited about camp. I've never been much of a camp person, but I really enjoyed it last year. I got to work in the kitchen, which is more comfortable to me than being a counselor. I don't know yet if I'm needed as a counselor for either week this year. Most of the indepedent Baptist churches in the area bring groups each week, and it's like a week-long family reunion. There are usually about 60 campers, along with any adult counselors. We all work together and play together and worship together for the week, and although it's work on the adults' part, it's relaxing and fun, too. For Junior Week, the teens are junior counselors (which actually means free labor! LOL). Two teens are assigned to each cabin along with an adult counselor. The teens do all the cleaning and setup work for the week, but they also get to help with the games and activities. They're just all-around help, I guess you'd say. Even though they're working all week, they still get to be with their friends, so it's fun for them while they all learn to work together. Beth is now a teen, so she gets to work too! We also have one of our church kids going to each week of camp. That's exciting for us, to see that we have some kids who are interested in going to camp with us. The emphasis is on spiritual things each week, so I'm praying that these kids will have a fire set in them for the Lord that will burn brightly the rest of their lives!

Well, I need to get up from here and get moving. I still have a bit of prep work for Sunday school tomorrow. I prefer to get that done before we go out on visitation in the afternoon. It's a beautiful day - good for us while we are out, but it usually means there aren't many people at home. The key is to GO, though. Have a good weekend!


  1. Hope you have a good Sunday!

    Mrs. C

  2. Wow, it does sound like you'll be busy!

  3. Sounds like you'll be pleasantly busy. =0)


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