Monday, June 05, 2006

What Do You Know About Hibiscus?

I have one. I went to the grocery store today, and I noticed the big pots of hibiscus, but they cost $25.00, so I didn't even think of getting one. There's a place inside the front door, though, that has bouquets of flowers and potted plants that are marked down. I found one of those hibiscus plants there for $5.00! So even though I don't know the first thing about them, I bought one! I've done this with other flowers, including violets and miniature roses (those two were less than $1.00 each), and just fiddled with them a bit, and they're still living. One of my violets is blooming up a storm right now, in fact! So I thought I'd do that with this hibiscus. It's big, in a 5-gallon pot. I put it in a corner of my yard that gets lots of sunshine, but is just a tiny bit shaded later in the day. From what I've read on the internet, they like plenty of sun and water, but not to stand in water. So we'll see what happens!


  1. That is a beautiful flower Sister!! I hope it works for you to keep it growing.

  2. Hi Susan, great picture of your hibiscus! I have two of them planted around the fence that surrounds the vegetable garden so they get plenty of sun. I got them both for 50 cents each at a yard sale. When they bloom, they are gorgeous! In the winter though, you'd never know anything was planted in those spots; but they always return the next year.

    I'm thinking you can either plant it in the ground now or when cold weather comes bring it inside to a very sunny window and keep it through the winter. Friends of ours always brought theirs in, and we enjoyed it on the coldest days when we visited them.

    I planted mine outside because they were just bare roots when I bought them. I hope you have success! I'll try to post a pic of mine when it blooms this year.

  3. Beautiful Hibiscus! Here in Okinawa they are all over the place and beautiful! Seeing them always brightens my day. What a great deal you got!

  4. Ladies, I need to let you know that the picture is one I got off the internet while I was searching for info on hibiscus! I'm sorry that you thought it was mine. Mine doesn't have any flowers yet.

    I put it in the corner where the outer edge of our patio meets our fence. It gets lots of midday sun, but is in the shade in the late afternoon. I'll try it there for a while to see how it does. We also have a raised terrace back there where we want to plant some things, but it gets dappled sunlight through the day because of the neighbor's tree.

  5. Oh, I do that too (post from the internet to enhance my post)but thank you for your clarification :) It is still a beautiful picture, and yours will look like that hopefully soon right? :)


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