Saturday, June 03, 2006

They're Here!

The evangelist who is preaching tomorrow and his wife arrived this afternoon! We've heard Bro. Randy Chovan preach several times at sister churches here in the Vancouver area. Wes really likes him, so he asked Bro. Chovan to let him know if he had an opening this year to come and speak at our church. June 4th was open, so Wes booked him. They came and had supper with us tonight, and we had a great time of fellowship with them. Mrs. Chovan offered to talk to my Sunday school class about evangelists and evangelism, and Wes agreed to it, so I'll introduce her and then go back into the service and hear the preaching! Yay!

Our first Friend Day is just about 12 hours away now, and we're excited. The boys passed out the last of the flyers this morning, and our people . . . oh, our people have really gotten excited about it and almost passed out all the flyers before we even got home from Texas! We're hoping for 50 people tomorrow. We had 54 on our First Anniversary Sunday, so it's not an impossible goal. You know what we'd really love to see tomorrow? Someone get saved! Please pray for Lions Gate Baptist Church tomorrow morning.

I just have to send out congratulations to Deb of Mountain Musings. She gained a daughter this evening! Her son Micah was married tonight, and Deb already has a picture of the happy couple posted on her blog. They're a very handsome couple, and I wish them well in their new life together!

Now I have to go frost a cake for dinner tomorrow!

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  1. Just said a prayer for your church & that folks get saved. Best wishes with it & your church & God Bless. I sure hope some folks come & get saved... :)


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