Thursday, June 15, 2006

Of Linkrolls and Worthy Reads

Yesterday, I read on Biblical Womanhood that Crystal has created a linkroll, which displays links to others' blog entries that she thinks are worthy of reading. She can just add the link pointing to the blog entry instead of having to make a new entry on her blog to tell you about it. I really liked that idea, because many times I will read something and think of how much I'd like to share it with others, but then for one reason or another I neglect to mention it on my blog - usually because I forget by the next time I can blog! It takes time to enter each link, write a bit about it, and then publish the entry - or at least it takes me a while, because I get confused easily or get in a hurry and mess something up.

I tried to figure out how to put a linkroll on my blog, but it's going to take more than a few minutes for me to understand how it all works and get it added. Then I saw a comment on Crystal's post that said Bloglines had a way to do the same thing. So I frantically searched Bloglines for this information. All I could find (that I could understand!) was that I could make a Clip Blog. This is a blog that is furnished free with your Bloglines account; all you have to do is activate it and name it. When you read an entry through your blog feeds that you want to share, you go to the bottom of the entry and click on Clip/Blog. A new window opens, with the link to the entry already in the text field. You can write something more, or you can publish it as is. Once you publish it, it's there for everyone to see on your Clip Blog!

This sounded pretty good to me for now. Someday I want to have a linkroll in my sidebar, but for now, I have a third blog - Worth the Read. You can subscribe to it through Bloglines so that whenever something new is posted, it'll notify you. There's nothing fancy about it; it's simply a place where I can share with you what I feel is Worth the Read. I already have a couple of entries there, if you want to check them out. Incidentally, just because it's called Worth the Read, it doesn't mean that I think that only the things I post there are worth reading! All the blogs I have on my Bloglines feeds are worth reading, to me; otherwise, they wouldn't be there. The ones I post at Worth the Read will be the entries that have something about them that really touched me, amused me, or interested me that day. And just so you know, I'm not spending all day at the computer reading blogs and drinking tea - although I wish I could, and it would be so easy to do! ;) There is a link to Worth the Read in my sidebar under Blogs I Read, so you can click there if you want to go directly from here. I hope you enjoy the things I add there!

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  1. Susan,

    That is a great idea!! I still can't figure out how to put other links in my blog, but I'm slowly learning. I am really enjoying the process too. Maybe someday when I have more time I figure more things out!!

    Oh yeah, that clip from your last blog made me cry too!!

    Love Ya,



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