Friday, June 09, 2006

New Discoveries

I've run across some new (to me) blogs this week that I want to mention. I'm always blog-hopping, and every now and then I'll subscribe to one that I find, read it for a few days to see if I like it, keep it if I do, delete it if I don't.

I love to find like-minded missionary/pastor's wives' blogs, and I've found a new friend in Missionary Mom Rhonda. She and her family live in Chile, and I've appreciated her honest and thought-provoking blog entries. She has challenged the current thinking in Christian circles on several issues, but she's right-on with her insight. I like it!

I haven't been disappointed either with A Home Away From Home. I've found another new friend in Tori, a missionary wife in Croatia. I left a comment on her blog when I found it one night this week, and when she e-mailed me the next day, I found that she and I had lived within an hour of each other in Texas, but never met! We are each from independent Baptist churches, our pastors know each other, and we've been to each others' home churches several times. It is indeed a small world!

Another blog that I just ran across today, The View From My Fishbowl is the blog of an independent Baptist pastor's daughter. I've heard of her father, although I've never heard him preach, and our home church supports at least one missionary out of their church, possibly more (I'll have to check!). I know this church to be doctrinally sound, so I was pleased to find this young lady's blog. I'm looking forward to reading her entries in the coming days.

And finally, the ladies from Sew Chic have joined with another family, all related by marriage, to make a cooking blog, Little Red Hens. I'm looking forward to reading this one too!

That's about all I have time for tonight; it's already midnight!


  1. Hello from one Susan to another, one pastor's wife to another! :-) I found you from the MakingItHome group. Thanks for the website tips - I loved The Little Red Hen site. Always looking for a new recipe!

  2. Thank you Susan! You are very kind, definitely a kindred spirit!


  3. Hello From N.Ireland, I came across your blog.We have been missionaries for almost 12 years now. You have a nice and interesting blog.. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Susan! This is Rachel from "The View from my Fishbowl". Someone commented on my blog and said they found it through you, so I just had to come see what you were saying about me. ;D

    So happy to hear that you are from a like-minded church! I love meeting other Independent Baptists!

    Thanks for sending me some traffic! :o)

  5. Hi, Susan! Thanks for stopping by. I just love Making It Home.

    Rhonda, I'm pleased to pass on a good blog! I enjoy yours very much.

    Chyrll, I'm so glad you stopped by. I saw that you're a brand new blogger. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    Rachel, I'm glad you came over to see what I said about you. I feel the same way when I get a sudden burst of traffic from one particular site. I have to go see what they said! LOL


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