Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Garden

Here are some pictures of our yard and what you might call a garden - more like a flower bed, I guess! The first picture is of our back yard, standing just inside our sliding patio door in the living room. As you can see, it's a small yard, but it's our space and it's private. We can do whatever we want to with our yard, and the complex has mowers who come in to cut the grass.

This is the flower bed I planted on Tuesday. It's under the little tree you saw in the first pic, so it gets quite a bit of shade. I planted coleus, impatiens, and begonias here. I'd like to add a few more plants to flesh it out a bit, but this will do for now!

On the patio, I have two large square planters. Last year, I had beautiful red geraniums in these, so I got more of those and added portulacas. I've never grown those, but the pictures I've seen are so bright and pretty. I hope they do well!

Finally, this is our patio, from the side of the yard looking back into the house. The patio is small, too, but I do enjoy it. Since I took this picture, I've rearranged the patio and cleaned up my square pots. It looks a lot better now, but this gives a good idea of how it looks. How do you like my chiminea? I got that right before we moved here, when we went to visit my parents on the Mexico border. They are MUCH cheaper in/near Mexico than they are farther into the US. I love it, but we're not allowed to have open fires of any kind in the apartments, so I'll have to wait till the Lord blesses us with a house before I can have a fire in it. It looks pretty sitting on the patio, though!


  1. Susan, I really enjoyed seeing your backyard!! Wow, you don't even have to mow! I think it's a very neat place you have, and I do love the little fireplace thingy on the patio. Hope your flowers do great!

  2. Susan, Your yard is great! I love portulacas they are AWESOME little flowers & they spread out! I didn't know they would come back year after year....even after a cold winter one year they came back in the pot I planted them in! They need LOTS of sun! My tip for them to keep blooming is after the flower petals wilt, pluck them off the plant.

  3. Susan, thanks for sharing your garden pictures. You'll have to show them again later in the season.

  4. It looks so neat and pretty! I've never heard of portulacas. I'll have to check into them. I love perennials...feel like you get your money's worth. :) It looks really nice. It's good that you have a private space to do some gardening in an apartment complex.

    I am so in love with the idea of not mowing. LOL

  5. Your garden area looks like a pleasant place to relax! I hope you'll post more pictures when the flowers bloom.

    Mrs. C

  6. What a restful, lovely spot your yard is!


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