Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Dad

A couple of weeks before Mother's Day, there was a tribute to moms going around entitled "14 Things About My Mom," so titled because Mother's Day was on the 14th. I haven't seen one for Dads, so I thought I'd just start one, except I'll title it "18 Things About My Dad," because Father's Day is on the 18th!

1. He was born and raised in Greenville, SC.
2. He is the second of four children.
3. He looks just like pictures I've seen of his dad.
4. He was in the US Navy twice, once in the early '60's, and again in the late '60's.
5. He was a boiler operator in the Navy.
6. He was saved during a revival meeting with Bro. Billy Kelly, on January 26, 1972, in Columbia, SC.
7. He began Bible College at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College in January, 1974.
8. He has had several secular jobs, including mechanic and carpenter.
9. He has pastored 3 churches - one in TN, one in SC, and now a Spanish church in SC.
10. He became a missionary to Mexico and learned a second language when he was over 50 years old.
11. He's a father of 5 and grandfather of 13 (#14 is on the way).
12. He loves homemade ice cream. Breyer's Buttered Pecan takes a close second, if I remember correctly.
13. He has a great sense of humor (sometimes a little corny, but still funny!)
14. He raced midget race cars before he got saved. I thought he raced with Richard Petty, but he just laughs at that! ;)
15. He likes to take naps.
16. He likes English bulldogs.
17. He is bald (as are both of his brothers), but I think he's very distinguished looking!
18. He is one of the most humble, godly men I know, and I'm very proud to be his daughter!

Tell us about your dad! Leave a comment to let us know.


  1. I might do this later on my blog, thanks for sharing about your Dad. :o)

  2. Oh Susan, How sweet is this. My dad is with the Lord now but I may do this anyways. It was so sweet to read. ;0)

  3. Susan, your dad does look very distinguished..and sounds as though he is such a wonderful Godly man and father...and Grandfather! That's a lot of kids. :)

  4. Looks like you got a good one!

  5. Hi Susan, I posted this on my blog a while back, but since you're doing on your blog, I thought I'd share these "dad facts" again.

    1.He was born in West Virginia to Harry and Freida Birt.

    2. He has a younger sister, Janice.

    3. He played a solo trumpet for the West Virginia State fair and was a member of the all state band and also the all state orchestra in '61, '62, '63.

    4. He played first trumpet, first chair for the USAF Drum and Bugle corp. in 1963 and early '64.

    5. He attended Marshall University and played in their University Band and Orchestra.

    6. He earned extra money during his time at Marshall playing trumpet for the Ice Capades.

    7. He was saved on Tuesday, October 13, 1968, at 11:00 a.m.

    8.He was living in Lorain, Ohio when he was called to preach in 1975.

    9. He moved us to Greenville, SC where he attended and graduated from Bob Jones University.

    10. He helped the Youth Pastor in several different churches and actually took a job as a youth pastor at Liberty Baptist in Gastonia, NC for 18 years.

    11. He was a police officer and then detective with the Gaston County Police Department for 18 years.

    12. He developed and headed up their Domestic Violence program and was a member of the Gaston County Domestic Violence Council.

    13. He started the Victim/Witness program where he worked with the DA's office to make sure court dates were kept with the victim's and witnesses of mostly domestic violence crimes.

    14. He was a member of the Gaston County's Public Speakers Bureau.

    15. He retired Dec. 2000 having survived four gunfights, five major car wrecks, being run over by a truck, thrown off a garage, one attempt on his life and numerous threats to be killed when his prisoners were released from jail. LOL His favorite phrase by someone he would arrest is after they were in handcuffs being helped into the patrol car they would say, "Look what you've done to me." He said that always brought a sparkle to his eyes.

    16. When he retired, he survived open heart surgery, congestive heart failure, three minor strokes, lost 80% of the vision in his right eye, had three intrusive eye surgeries and total kidney failure and is praying now that the Lord will help him get a kidney so he can quit dialysis four hours a day, three days a week.

    17. He teaches 5th and 6th grade boys trumpet in our church orchestra and also plays in the church orchestra. He likes to toot his own horn. hehe.

    18. He is the 5th and 6th grade boy's Sunday School Teacher.

    19. His life's verse is Isaiah 41:10, "Fear thou not, for I am with thee. Be not dismayed, for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee, yea, I will help thee. Yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."

  6. Susan, what a sweet post. It sounds like he is leaving a wonderful legacy for his family, and laying up treasures in heaven, too.

  7. Happymama, you and I lived in Greenville at the same time! Did you go to school at BJ Elementary or Academy? I went elementary school at Tabernacle, over on the other side of the city. And where did you go to church? Isn't that amazing!


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