Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Miss Sasha

We got Beth a hamster at Christmas. All this time, we've been trying to get good pictures of her (the hamster, not Beth!), but she just wouldn't sit still long enough; she kept coming out as a little black blur! The other night, Beth had Sasha downstairs and I had the camera. She put Sasha in her pocket, and as she came out, I snapped a pic of her. It's a little blurry, but it's cute!

Then Sasha sat on Beth's lap and primped a little, so she was still long enough for more pictures. This is a closeup:

Sasha is a Russian Dwarf hamster. Beth loves her because she's so small. We found out just how small when we went to Texas. We left Sasha with friends of ours in Tacoma who have a regular teddy bear hamster - he was HUGE! He was also slow - Sasha is quite zippy. Sasha is just right to sit in the palm of your hand - if you can get her to sit there. She will go to anyone in the family except me. She doesn't like me. It could have something to do with my blowing in her face when we first got her. Now, when we try to get her to go in my hand (by Beth sliding her out of her own hand and into mine), Sasha will literally jump out of my hand, with no care for where she's going - just anywhere away from me. Now, I could get a complex from this hammy!

She does do some cute things. Beth has taught her to slide down her arms, and she and one of the boys will sit on the floor with their feet touching and let Sasha run around on the floor. She always runs back to Beth immediately. We've learned that she will eat most any grain, oatmeal being her favorite, potato chips, lettuce, carrots, cheese, and ham. The ham we just found out about the last time we had pizza. She took a small piece of ham and stuffed it in her cheek pouch. We assume she later ate it, since she hasn't smelled like spoiled ham yet. She didn't get sick either, but we told Beth not to give her ham again, just in case. And of course, she runs all night long on her wheel. Beth learned quickly to put Vaseline on the wheel! Sometimes Sasha will get to running so fast that she slings herself out of the wheel - and that is a very funny thing to watch! All in all, we enjoy the little rat hamster. Beth sure does love her, and I guess that makes it worth having! ;)


  1. I enjoyed reading about Beth's hamster. We have a teddy bear hamster. When we bought him for our daughter he was only a few weeks old and he cried, literally, like a baby. We have video of it and it is so funny. But he is the sweetest little thing. However, he's gotten so fat that now he can't crawl up his tube. When he tries to go up his tube, all you can see is the lower part of his body and his little legs wiggle and wiggle and then he'll use those legs to push himself up the tube. Everytime I see him do that, I think that is what I would look like if I were trying to go up a tube. LOL
    I enjoyed looking at your plants too. Can't wait to see your flowers!


  2. How cute. For you. LOL I wouldn't want one...but I do admit, she is cute! =)

  3. How cute! Of course seeing how I have a cat I don't think I'll be getting one of these anytime soon! (o;


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