Friday, June 16, 2006


I got a big hug from the Lord yesterday! That's what I call it when I get an unexpected (and undeserved!) blessing. Samuel and I were walking to the library, when we passed a dumpster. Sitting beside the dumpster was this beautiful bentwood rocker. The only thing wrong with it was that the oval piece that fits between the back and the seat was out, but it was lying on top of the chair. I had Samuel bring it home for me, and I put that oval piece back in. The chair has nothing wrong with it! I'm amazed and thrilled! I love to rock, and this chair looks beautiful in my special corner of the living room. I plan to keep an eye out for little things to decorate my corner and make it more "me".


  1. SUSAN! That's awesome! I love it!!!

  2. What a GORGEOUS chair! Good for you!

    And I'm so honored that you felt my post worthy to put in your new link roll section....thank you! (o:

  3. Oh it's beautiful, What a good God we have!

  4. What a blessing!!! I also love it when God blesses me with something unexpectedly. That is when we know it is God. I love that chair!! Praise the Lord!!

  5. What a GREAT find! It's neat when the Lord sends an unexpected blessing, isn't it?? I just love being a child of God! I'm happy you found it. My hubby's Great Grandfather used to make bentwood furniture. I suppose that's where he gets his love for woodworking. Your chair is very lovely.


  6. How cool is that? :) It looks beautiful.

  7. BEAUTIFUL! Amazing what people toss out but glad the Lord blessed YOU with it!!!

  8. Oh, Susan, what a wonderful blessing! And such a beautiful chair!

  9. that is such a pretty chair....
    If I may be so bold to say it "looks" like you, I can picture you sitting there w/ a lap blanket and a book.


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