Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Graduation

I finally have time to sit down and write about Samuel's graduation. At our church, we do graduations a little differently than most: we make the graduation part of the Sunday evening service. The entire student body marches in to God of Our Fathers, and then the graduates march in to Pomp and Circumstance. You have to understand that our school is very small, so all of this takes just a short amount of time. There were only two graduates this year; some years we've had only one.

I want to tell you how the Lord helped me Sunday night. For the last couple of months, I've become teary-eyed just thinking of my baby boy graduating from high school. I thought I'd be a mess at the actual graduation, for sure. But when Samuel started down the aisle, my eyes teared up for just a second, and then it was like a blanket of peace came down over me and all I could do was smile, smile, smile! It was like the Lord gave me the assurance that although this is our son's first step away from us toward independence, it's also right that he is taking that step. There was no need to cry - it was a good thing! Now, when it comes to leaving him at college, we'll see if that peace comes (I think I'll probably really cry then!), but at this time, the Lord gave me what I needed at the moment.

Now, that said, here is our graduate, right before the ceremony.

Here he comes, down the aisle.

Receiving his diploma from our pastor, Bro. Mickey Hollars:

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