Monday, June 05, 2006

Friend Day

Our Friend Day was a success! Though we didn't reach our goal of 50, we did come close with 45 people present. Bro. Chovan preached an excellent message in the morning service, and presented the Gospel clearly. No one was saved in the service, but the seed was sown. My prayer is that the seed fell on fertile soil and will one day bear fruit for the Lord. Mrs. Chovan volunteered to teach my Sunday school class, which Wes agreed to. She taught about evanglists and what they do and why. Our ladies brought an abundance of food, and no one went away hungry. In addition, it was one of our members' and his daughter's birthday, so they had their large family there to help celebrate; many of them didn't come till time to eat, though, so we couldn't count them in the total for the morning service! LOL We made some new contacts, and several visitors were repeats from our anniversary service. Our evening service saw about 15 people return, our core group of people. Bro. Chovan preached a message on "I Am Debtor" concerning our responsibility to win souls. It was a challenge that I needed, even if no one else did. But I think it was a blessing to our people too! ;) Thanks to everyone who prayed for us - we can't make it without your prayers!


  1. I'm glad you had a good turn-out. Only God knows what will come of it all and what happened in hearts. As you said, the seed was sown. :)

    I hope you can get some rest now Lady.

  2. All this sounds so familiar!! Don't worry that no professions were made, yet. Here, we really don't like to see people come forward on their first visit, because we know they haven't heard enough to understand. In America, many people have Bible teaching in their background, so when they hear the Gospel, they understand. But when you get people whhave no prior Bible teaching, they really have a hard time understanding. They really like what they hear, but don't really "get"it.
    So, I am happy for you! COntacts! You always need new contacts! Now they know how nice y'all are! Hope you had an uplifting visit with the evangelist and his wife!



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