Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Couple of Pics

Here are a couple of pics of my plants, although they weren't taken today. I am exhausted (and sore - when did my joints get old?) from digging in the garden all day, so I will take pictures of the garden tomorrow morning. It's not a spectacular garden, but I know I'll enjoy having some flowers to look at this summer as I sit on our patio, which I also cleaned and arranged today.

This is my hibiscus that I got at the grocery store the other day. It is doing nicely - it has some buds on it! I topped off the soil yesterday, making it look a little nicer. I have it sitting where it gets some sun, but mostly dappled shade. I'm watching it closely to see if maybe I should move it out to more sun. What do you think? Does it need more than filtered sunlight?

And this is my miniature rose. It has one bud on it, and I can't wait to see what color it is! It's also in dappled sunlight, and I'm watching closely. I repotted it yesterday into a larger clay pot, and put some moss on top of the soil (is that good?). Today it looks like it's perked up a bit more. It's sitting beside the hibiscus.

I don't know much about gardening, but I'm enjoying playing with plants and seeing what works best for each kind. I haven't paid more than $5.00 for any one of them. My husband and kids laugh every time I come home with a scraggly plant, but so far they've all lived!


  1. Have any idea what color the hibiscus is?

  2. Hi Susan,
    I've never commented on your blog before, but I've visited it a few times. I just love miniature rose bushes! My husband laughed at me when I found a beautiful fern at Lowes that was on the verge of death. It was so beautiful and big(despite being half dead) I just had to get it :)

    I have a quick question for you. I read on Mrs. Bs' and Mrs. R's blog that you are using a system to read through the Bible in a year. Is it something that you created for yourself? I'm just curious as to what the system is. Thanks Susan!

  3. Susan, your hibiscus looks very healthy! The one I have is planted around the edge of our veg garden and gets sun all day long, and it does great. So probably moving it more in the sun definitely wouldn't hurt it. Altho being in a pot you might need to make sure you do keep it watered more.

    I'll look forward to seeing the rest of your garden. :)

  4. Tori, it's probably red, but it was on clearance and looked pretty sad when I bought it, so there were no blooms on it!

    Samantha, you can find the plan I use at Bible-Reading.com I've enjoyed it this year, because it's different than the read-straight-through plans.

    Deb, I'm going to move it into a sunnier spot. Seems like that would make it bloom more? I know nothing!

  5. You're doing great. All mine were blooming when I bought them but they aren't now. LOL I think you have the better idea. :)

  6. Looks like they are doing well! My plants are growing too. :)

  7. I'm new to this gardening thing too.....there were plants when we moved in and I've been trying not to kill them. However it sure is amazing how well the weeds grow!


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