Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Here's another meme making its way around the blogosphere. I've seen it at several different blogs today, but I copied this one from Tammy's Times, the most recent place I've seen it.

How many do you read regularly?
I have 58 feeds on my Bloglines list, but not all of those are updated each day. If I'm short on time, there are about 6 that I'll be sure to read each day. It doesn't take long to click on them and see what's up!

How many are written by women? By men?
All but one are written by women, and the one by a man is my brother-in-law - just my preference.

Are they all Christian? How about the same denomination?
Most of them are Christians, but many are not the same denomination that I am.

What kinds of posts do you like the best?
Homemaking ones, especially those with pictures.

What kinds of posts are you most likely to comment on?
Those that touch my heart or a nerve!

What makes you add a blog to your favorites list/bloglines? Or conversely, what drives you away from a blog?
Its content, most definitely. It has to interest me right away, and offer some promise of more interesting things to come. The ones that turn me off are consistently negative, and any amount of profanity or crudeness turns me right off.

What’s your favorite kind of post to write?
Funny - I love to laugh and make others laugh, but I'm not all that good at it!

What do you think is your biggest strength blogwise? Biggest weakness?
My biggest strength is that I try to honest and transparent. My biggest weakness is wordiness.

What do you want to change, if anything, about the way you blog?
I'd like to have more organization, such as certain types of posts on certain days, or cover some topics systematically . . . but I forget!

How many times a day do you say the word blog?
I don't know, but probably too many. A lot of my friends in "real life" don't even know what a blog is!

How many bloggers have you met in real life – not counting the ones you knew before they started blogging?


  1. We are all blogoholics aren't we Susan? Lol. I forgot to put that I like homemaking ones on mine! Have a great day, blessings. :o)

  2. Susan, I'd like to work on changing your answer to that last question! :)

  3. Well, I posted a comment and blogger lost it. Maybe you got it in email form?

    Anyway, I said that you ARE funny. You make me laugh out loud-literally- sometimes and other times you bring tears to my eyes. I enjoy both your blogs very much.

    If you meet with Deb I want in on it. lol

  4. Mrs. Blythe, I am such a blogoholic! I love reading them and writing them!

    Deb, should we meet somewhere in the middle? I would love, love, love to meet you.

    Lisa, you are invited to wherever Deb and I meet! Thank you from the depths of my heart for your sweet comment! You're a blessing to me.


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