Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Birthday Meme

Nobody tagged me for this meme, but I saw it on Mrs. Happy Housewife, and I loved the idea. So I tagged myself!

Here's what you do: go to Wikipedia and enter your birth date, minus the year, in the search box. Find two people who share your birth date, and one person who died on your birth date, and blog about them. I loved it, especially when I found that there is a famous independent, fundamental, Baptist born on my birthday, and he's even controversial! ;)

My birthday is shared with principle author of the Declaration of Independence and third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, born in 1743 to a prosperous Virginia family of ten children (he was the third). Jefferson was a brilliant man; not only was he a distinguished statesman, but he was also an "agriculturalist, horticulturist, architect, etymologist, archaeologist, mathematician, cryptographer, surveyor, paleontologist, author, lawyer, inventor, violinist, and the founder of the University of Virginia." It seems that his weakness was public speaking - he mumbled through his most important speeches! He was married for ten years and was the father of six children. He never remarried after his wife's death. Jefferson was a Deist, as were many intellectuals of his time. I was sad to read this statement, made by Avery Cardinal Dulles: "He was not an orthodox Christian because he rejected, among other things, the doctrines that Jesus was the promised Messiah and the incarnate Son of God." I also found that he published his own version of the Gospels, excluding the miracles of Jesus and leaving only His moral teachings, to which Jefferson agreed. He seems to have been a very moral man, although an unsaved one. I am very thankful for his influence in the early days of America, though.

American evangelist Jack Chick, born in 1924, also shares my birthday! He is the founder of Chick Publications, which publishes comic-style tracts and larger comic books for the purpose of evangelism and education. He was lead to the Lord by his (future) wife's mother. He was inspired by the radio program Unshackled, which published some its programs in comic form, to produce the tracts for which he has become famous. He is well-known for his King-James-Only stand on the Bible, his stand against Catholicism, and his beliefs on a variety of subjects such as evolution, witchcraft, and rock music. His first wife, Lola, died in 1998, and he has since remarried. He is currently working on a series of tracts for children, and he publishes his own newsletter, Battle Cry. I grew up reading Chick tracts, as have my children. Samuel especially loves the Alberto series. My favorite tract is This Was Your Life. The tracts make great soulwinning tools, and the comic books do give food for thought, although they are controversial. It cannot be denied that Chick comics have played a major role in evangelism in our time, no matter how controversial they are!

Mr. Robert Moon, Postal Inspector and father of the ZIP code, died on my birthday in 2001. He began developing his idea for the Zoning Improvement Plan in the 1940's, and on July 1, 1963, the Directory of Post Offices published its first issue using ZIP codes. I find it amazing that ZIP codes are not much older than I am! LOL In fact, ZIP codes were not mandatory until 1967, which makes them younger than me. Hmmm.

If you'd like to do a Wiki Birthday Meme on your blog, let us know so we can come and see what interesting people were born (or died) on your birthday!


  1. That is neat. I did that on my blog a while back. I like the people born on your birthday better than my birthday. LOL

  2. Oh I like this, I think I'll use it soon, if that's okay.

    Hope I have such good folks born on my b-day. *Ü*

  3. That is really neat..

  4. Thanks, Susan. I think I'll do this this weekend. :)

  5. Hi Susan, my birthday is Saturday so when I read your post this morning I got excited and decided I would do one too. YAY!

    I too grew up reading Chick Tracts and they are so great. My kids love them.

    And finding out my birthday was part of the zip code's history was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing the Birthday Meme with us.

  6. What a good idea. But I have so many ideas running around my head for my blog I may just have to have a lie down! Lol.


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