Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where Have You Been?!

I've been right here at home, right in front of the computer screen, like always. Where have YOU been?! LOL

Things are really busy here. Wes is busy with church things. We had a visiting missionary over the weekend. We're leaving Monday for our trip to Texas, but he scheduled a big day - our first Friend Day - for June 4th, the Sunday after we get back home! He says he won't do that again; too much that has to be done far ahead of time and over-planned so that we don't forget anything. So he has a list and is slowly ticking things off.

I have been busy with graduation things. I am making a scrapbook. Once I got to digging around for pictures, I started finding more and more stuff that I wanted to include in Samuel's display. We'll buy the display board once we get to TX (not enough room in a suitcase, since they don't fold!), but all these pictures and mementos just won't fit, based on the board's measurements. So . . . I decided to make some simple scrapbook pages with just 2-3 pictures on each, and use the display board to show his certificates and ribbons, with a few odd pictures scattered around that didn't have a definite place.

I am not a natural scrapper. I love to make cards, and it took a few times of playing with papers and designs before I settled into my own style (can we say simple and uncluttered?). So I tried to think of scrapping as a big card with some pictures added. I have several pages that I think are fair. The main thing I wanted to do was just have some interesting pictures of Samuel as he's grown up. If I can figure out how to scan them and put them in a folder I can access, maybe I'll post some of them for you to see. But fair warning: I am not a froo froo person! So my pages aren't fit for the latest scrapping mags! I use Hallmark Scrapbook Studio to make some of my graphics, and I use papers and some stickers. I journal with the Scrapbook Studio too, in this case to make it easy to read, since a lot of people will be looking at it.

We've also put together a small photo album of our church's history, to take with us to the one supporting church we'll be visiting, other than our home church. This church was the first one to take us for support, so Wes wanted to go there. It's about 45 minutes from Ft. Worth, and we'll be going on Wednesday night, the 24th. Wes did all the pictures for the album, and I'm hand-writing the captions.

Then, I'm trying desperately to finish that wedding gift by this Saturday - the wedding day! I've done this design before, and it should have come together fast and easy, but I keep messing up. Probably because I'm trying to hurry. And never cross stitch when you're sleepy!

I spent all day Monday and part of Tuesday working on the scrapbook. I was way out of balance. I kept all the stuff out, spread out on the living room floor. It was out of the way, but visually, it was in the way. I still have more pages to do, but I'm not leaving the stuff out anymore. After I put it all up yesterday afternoon, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders, even though I wasn't finished yet. Lesson learned. I have to keep balance in my activities, even when there's a lot to do.

I don't know how much I'll be online in the next few days, but I'll definitely post before we leave. I'm still reading and occasionally commenting other blogs, but I just haven't had a lot of time to post on my own. Have a good week!


  1. Whew!! You are quite busy Sis!! As for your scrapbooking skills....I don't do it just because it looks like it takes a lot of time and effort...not something I like to have to put into something. But with me being such a perfectionist with things I'd probably do a page and then take it all off and redo it a half a dozen times. I do know that a scrapbook is what you make it....personal!! It will have your personal touch as a momma and that is what will make it special. My son's girlfriend's momma is doing a courtship scrapbook for her and I've been told it is really really nice but it is taking alot of hours of time in it to get it the way she wants it. I hope your trip is a good and safe one. And I pray your friend day at your church goes well too. Those are big days that do take alot of preparation and I can see why your husband wouldn't want to do it this way again with y'all going away just before that day. Oh and learn right? I've missed your posts and totally understand why you haven't been doing any. Just take one thing at a time and don't stress yourself too much over anything. Love you Sis!

  2. Hi Susan! Yes, I've been realizing that BY GRACE hasn't been highlighted on Bloglines lately. Don't even worry about it. I missed you but knew your trip was coming soon. Hope everything gets done just the way you want it to. Wish I could be there and get the scrapbooking done for you. I LOVE fiddling with pictures and scrapbook pages.

    Have a GREAT trip away. Keep stitchin'! :)

  3. I've missed you very much, but I knew you had a lot on your plate. I didn't know the half of it're going to need a vacation! I hope everything goes really well.

    So glad to hear from you today. :)

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  5. Sounds like you're busy. Btw, the other day when we were going to the pharmacy to get our meds, I happend to tune in the christian talk channel our of Clairmont, Va to see what was on there & they were playing Harold Sightlers show. It wasn't re-runs of him but his grandson doing it. He preached really well. Then after that they played Olver Greene. Interesting thing was they both preached on the same thing. They were really good. I've been to TX once in the 70's. It was fun going there. Next Thurs we go on our annual weeks trip to Nags Head, NC with my folks. They have a condo there they go to a few times a yr & when they aren't staying in it, it gets rented to tourists which helps pay them back for buying it & the expenses there. I always enjoy going there. I can't wait to go. Have a good trip! :)

  6. My post posted twice while correcting spelling errors so I removed the duplicate. Sorry about that...

  7. You've been a busy little beaver! Bless your heart. How do we get ourselves into such things?? LOL
    Graduations, weddings, trips to Texas. I do know how you feel. But I bet you're like me...You love every minute of it. I hope you have pictures to share when you come back from Texas. So don't forget to pack your camera!!!!! :)

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your site! I read it a lurker I guess :) God bless you. You truly are living out the example of the Prov 31 woman.


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