Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Refreshing Wedding

Yes, I said refreshing! Everything was simply and tastefully done. There were no elaborate decorations. The pew arrangements were little tin buckets of daisies, and the platform arrangements were topiaries of gerbera and white daisies. The bridesmaids' dresses were simple and can be worn for other dressy affairs, and they were modest and sweet. The bride's gown was simple - no train, just a floor length white dress with some beading and sequins around the hem, and her veil was mid-length without a tiara or any such jewelled stuff. Her bouquet was white daisies. The candles were in white candelabra, and the unity candle was a pillar candle with a picture on it, probably of the bride and groom.

The music was beautiful - piano and violin - a good mix of the typical conservative secular wedding songs (theme from Love Story, for example), classical, and sacred arrangements. The bridesmaids came in to Canon in D on piano and violin, and the bride came in to The Wedding Song instead of the traditional wedding march. All very quiet and simple. We haven't known this couple for very long, but from what we do know of them, this wedding reflected their lives. Simple, unassuming. I loved it. And what's better, my daughter loved it! :) She is a simple, straightforward girl, and I'm pretty sure that she'll have a simple wedding too. Which her Daddy likes! LOL

I was just very impressed with how uncluttered it was. Looking back on all the weddings I've been to, it seems that each one tried to outdo the other. It was refreshing to go to a wedding that seemed to suit the couple so well. They were simply getting married, not putting on a show for everyone. Loved it. Did I say that already?!


  1. I sing at weddings now and again and I agree. It's so refreshing when they keep it simple. The one you attended sounds so nice.

  2. This sounds like the type of wedding I would enjoy and so would both of my girls. Thankfully, they're not into all the fancy stuff...simple is much better in their opinion. I'm glad it was nice for you.


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