Monday, May 01, 2006

Project Updates

I haven't shown you my eagle and hummingbird projects lately, so I thought I'd do that this morning. I've begun taking Mondays as a free day, so I can run around with Wes if he's running errands, or I can run around by myself, if he doesn't want to go anywhere. I went to the fabric store and Wal Mart. I wanted to get some fabric, so I thought I'd check the fabric store first. I can't afford the fabric shop unless I join their shopper's club. So I went to Wal Mart and found several things I liked and had to choose just one. I hate having to choose; I wish I could have bought all the pieces I liked!

Here is Wes's eagle. I've gotten the wings finished, finally. That wing on the left nearly drove me insane! Now I'm down to the tail feathers, and they're not quite so bad. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this, but I'm happy with the progress I've made in the past month.

And here is the hummingbird. I'm thinking I may be able to finish this one this week. It just has one more bird and the backstitching left, and then I can do say I've finished something!

I'm also trying to do one Christmas ornament a month, but I didn't get one done in April, so that will officially begin in May.
I have this book that I found at a thrift store or a dollar store, can't remember which, and it has some really pretty ornaments in it, all designed around themes. I started a mini sampler set from it Saturday night.


  1. Susan, looks like you've done a lot! And they're looking good; I especially like the colorful hummingbirds. You'll have to show us the ornaments as you finish each one.

    Remember those ornaments every issue in the back of Jeremiah Junction magazine? I always wanted to do those, and they seemed simple enough. Maybe one day...

  2. Susan, they're beautiful! You've really been stitching.

    I like your idea of a free day. I think I might need one of those. ;)

  3. You're doing a good job on your stitching. I like to do that too. I don't do it often, but when I do it I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, you're coming right along! I need to "dust off" my counted cross stitch, and get my rabbit project done!

  5. Deb, I've done a couple of the ornaments in the Jeremiah Junction magazines. I really loved the Names of Jesus series, and stitched a couple of them - I just haven't finished them into actual ornaments yet. I also did a couple of them that look like quilt squares. Come to think of it, they're names of Jesus too. I'll have to show them to you.

    Lisa - I'm beginning to love my free day. I got the idea from FlyLady a long time ago, but it just never seemed to work out till now. I would try to get started on all kinds of things on Monday, and sure as I did, Wes wanted me to go somewhere with him. Now that I have a free day scheduled, he hasn't asked me to go anywhere with him! LOL Anyway, it really eased my mind to know that I could take the time to run around if I needed to, without neglecting anything here at home.

    Happymama and Tammy - we need to see your work too! I love looking at what other people are making!

  6. LOL, Susan, I like to stitch, but I wouldn't call what a do a work. :) But if I ever get good enough to be proud of something I do, I'll be sure to show it to you. Love ya!

  7. Oh Susan I love the eagle! You have done so much work! I love the hummingbirds. You are talented.

  8. Cindi, I wouldn't call it talent so much as following a pattern. What I consider real talent is when you can take a pattern (of any kind) and make it your own. I'm too scared to do that!

    Happymama, any time you make something it's a work, and I'd love to see it!

  9. Those are beautiful. You are really clever. The sewing time I have I have spent making over the children's clothes (trying to eek out the longest wear-time possible for my two who seem to be growing at an amazing rate!). One day maybe I'll be able to organise myself for a little 'pretty' sewing.

  10. It's such a blessing to see so many ladies that are interested in needlework and crocheting and knitting and such. I crochet but not well. I do one simple pattern and that is all I know how to do. My mom does some fancy crocheting but she lives too far away to teach me anything. She also cross-stitches. My grandmother was a quilter (all by hand on a quilter's frame) and made beautiful quilts..she also crocheted beautiful doilies. I did not inherit those gifts or talents. I don't have the patience to learn either. Sis. Susan...your work is beautiful!! My husband would love the eagle!


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