Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Friday

I ended up doing something totally different last night than even the things I had thought about. I had pretty much decided to stitch for a little bit, then maybe play with something on the sewing machine, have a bubble bath, and then read till Wes and the kids got home. They left around 4:30, and I was already reading (picked back up with the Maria von Trapp book), so I read for a while. Then I thought of something I wanted to look at online, and of course, since I was already there, I checked e-mail and blogs. By then it was 6:00. That's the time we're usually finishing up our supper and cleaning up. I usually think about calling relatives on the east coast in the evening, but by the time we finish supper, it's already 9:30-10:00 out there, so I don't call. Well . . . I knew 9:00 wouldn't be too bad to call my parents. If they're out, they're usually back home by 9, and they're not in bed for a while after that. So I called my mom and dad and we talked for 2 hours. Then I had compassion on them and let them go so they could go to bed! LOL My sister had a friend over, so they were all still going strong when I called at 9 anyway.

So then it was only 8:00 here. Not even dark yet! I went back online, then back to reading. Not real exciting, but I enjoyed the freedom to just relax for a bit. When Wes and the kids got home, I was still in the exact spot they had left me! LOL On the couch reading. They didn't look surprised at all. They know that I could very well have been there the whole time! My husband is amazed that I can read for so long. He doesn't think about all those times (when we were younger) that he stayed on the computer for hours and hours playing games. Neither of us has the time now to read or play for hours on end - but the potential is there, if we did!

The youth activity was a camera scavenger hunt. Wes drove for one group, and the kids were in different groups. The hosting church is in a small town just east of Vancouver, out in the country. One of the pictures they had to get was their group standing next to a cow. Beth said the girls in her group were icking and ewwing over the smells. They're city girls! LOL They all had a great time.

Wes was helping one of the churches in Vancouver transport their teens, so on the way home he had our daughter and all the girls from that church. When they stopped to get gas, he told the girls that they could get a drink if they had money, but that he was "so broke I can't even pay attention." One of the girls started laughing and said, "Oh, that's so funny!" A few minutes later, she said, "Oh, now I get it!" She had laughed when she didn't even understand the joke! This girl wasn't outwardly blond - but Wes is of the opinion that blond is a state of mind, not a hair color. Sounds like the car was full of blonds.


  1. We've done that youth activity too. Our kids had a great time. I'm glad you enjoyed your evening!!

  2. Our youth just did that same activity a couple of weeks ago. They had so much fun!

  3. I'm sad to say I think I am blonde at heart! I too laugh, and then say "I don't get it"...oh dear ;o)

  4. Susan, that was a cute story about the "blond." Sounds like my daughter Hannah. She is not blond, but has a few blond moments herself. LOL

  5. I joke with my daughters and tell them they have invisible blonde roots, one of them, who shall remain nameless has it pretty severely. Gene is always saying, "We really are going to have to watch her."


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