Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just a Quick Prayer Request

As many of you know, my sister and her husband are missionaries in Mexico. They just returned to the field after a year-long furlough, but were only granted a 3-month visa. That visa runs out tomorrow, and the government so far has refused to grant them the paper they need to get more permanent status to be able to stay in country. They've had to just pick up and leave their home and travel to the border - with 7 children - a 12-hour drive. Our family is confident that they are in God's perfect will and in His hands, but we ask for prayer for them. They need to get back into the country so they can continue their work, and we moms know how hard it is on the little ones to be disrupted once they get back into a routine. This has the potential to turn into an ordeal. We'd all appreciate your prayers for my sister and her family!


  1. Prayers just said for them & your family. May God be with them at this time & things work out for them...

  2. Thanks for sharing the request Susan. I'll pray for this situation. And also for you as you get things packed up and ready to leave with your family. Have a FUN and safe trip!

    "Cya" when you get back! :)

  3. We will pray too. We recently had a young man from China who was really blessed by God and who was working so well in our community for the church. However he had to return because his visa ran out. But it is all in God's will and maybe he is needed more in China (they have a very strong underground Christian movement there under immense persecution). Please pray for our Chinese brothers and sisters.


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