Friday, May 19, 2006

It's Almost Midnight

And here I am, in front of the computer. Honestly, I'm just checking e-mail and blogs, then I'm off to bed. The wedding is at 10:00 tomorrow morning, so we have to get up and around just like it's Sunday. I just finished the wedding gift (I took a pic but haven't downloaded it yet). It turned out pretty good. I made it into a small pillow, really the size of a large ornament, and finished it with braid and a bow. I made the braid myself, from embroidery floss. The instructions I was following said to attach it to the ornament with hot glue, but apparently I'm not good at hot gluing, because it looked horrible. I was so disappointed! But then I remembered that it's pretty easy to remove that glue once it's dried, so I took it off - wrecking the braid in the process - and made a new braid and sewed it on with matching embroidery floss. This time it turned out much better. I paired the ornament with a little set of towels I bought (just in case!), and put them in a gift bag. It now awaits our departure tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won't forget it!

Tomorrow I plan to finish Samuel's scrapbook. Some of the pages have turned out really cute. I always do this cramming bit, and burn myself out on crafts that I decide to do, either by loving it so much that I do a whole lot of it, or by deciding to make something special for someone, usually in a short amount of time, and by the time I finish it I'm sick of it. I'm almost to that point with the scrapbook. The trip will be a good break, and maybe I'll do some more when we get home. Wes said it was a good thing our next graduation isn't for three years! What do you suppose he means by that?!

We got several hundred flyers out last night for Friend Day in the neighborhood around the rec centre where we meet. Tomorrow, the kids are going to go to the three apartment complexes around our house. Wes is going to leave several stacks for our people to hand out while we're gone, and then the week we get back, we'll hit the streets and do some heavy distribution again. People seem to be pretty receptive to accepting a flyer (whereas a tract makes them recoil in horror!), so we're hoping for a good turnout from this effort.

One of our ladies is going to teach Sunday school for me while we're gone. She was saved and served in an IFB church in Hong Kong before coming here. Her pastor has corresponded with Wes and said many good things about her and her friend who moved here around the same time she did. Both of these ladies are faithful, and I'm hoping to gain a Sunday school helper from this experience! LOL She's a bit nervous, but I believe she'll do a great job.

Wes and I walked the Sea Walk tonight and stopped for Cokes on the way home. We've kind of made the Sea Walk our standard thing on Friday nights. Don't know what we'll do next Friday - there's no sea in north Texas! ;)

Actually, we'll attend an awards banquet next Friday night. Wes is preaching. On Wednesday, we'll visit our supporting church in Graham; Thursday is a Texas Rangers game against the Athletics; Saturday - ???; Sunday church and graduation (Wes is preaching Sunday morning and we're singing); and Monday we'll meet some online friends of Wes and Andrew's - they play an Army game in a Christian group online, and several of the guys live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. They've invited us to one of their homes for a barbeque. So our week is full. Oh, and then when we land in Seattle on the way home, some friends of ours who just moved to Tacoma are picking us up (they're keeping our car for us) and taking us to their house for lunch! So the fun won't even be over then! You know what I'm going to do every morning next week? I'm going to sit and read my Bible in a leisurely manner! No rushing around! That will be a vacation in itself!

Well, Wes is off to bed, so I should go too. Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful trip! :)

  2. Alison4:59 AM

    I'm so much looking forward to hearing your news when you get back! I feel almost as if I know you!

  3. Have a great trip Sis. Susan. I know it sounds as though you will be quite busy every day you are gone but I hope you enjoy that busy-ness. I've always heard though...and found it to be true for me as well...that when we get home from our vacations that we need a vacation from our vacation to rest up from all we did on our vacation. Enjoy yourself!! We look forward to pictures and reports when you get home of all that took place.

  4. Alison put it well. :) Have a good trip & God bless... :)

  5. You mentioned Graham Texas... I believe my old roommate from college lives there... not sure how big it is but isn't it close to Wichita Falls and Bowie? Her name is Debbie Modawell... Used to be Debbie Armstrong... any chance you know her?
    Teri in CO

  6. Teri, Graham is about 45 minutes west of Ft. Worth. Bowie and Wichita Falls are a couple of hours northwest of Ft. Worth, in the same general region, but not terribly close together - they are closer to Oklahoma. I'm sorry, I don't know your friend, but if she went to the church in Graham I'd be sure to say hi! :)


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