Friday, May 19, 2006

I Have a Few Minutes!

I just have a touch left on the wedding gift, and it will be finished. I learned something: when making a small, simple gift, choose a small, simple design! It's very pretty, but I'm glad that I bought some kitchen towels to add to the small gift.

I had forgotten how many of my friends had babies around the same time I had Samuel. Now they are all graduating at the same time! LOL We've gotten several graduation invitations, ranging from Georgia to Oklahoma to Washington. We aren't able to go to all of them, of course, so I'm making cards to send to each one. One of Samuel's friends from Ft. Worth even got married last weekend. How unbelievable is that?! He is a little older than Samuel, but I still see these boys as . . . well, boys. The boy who got married is a Marine. He came home and got his girl and went back to his base, all in one week (the wedding was planned well in advance - this wasn't a quick wedding). We had hoped to see him when we're in Texas next week, but they are already back in California, making their new home together. I don't think I'm going to get used to this.

Wes and I were watching Good Morning America as we dressed this morning. They have good and bad things on there, of course. We watch it more for entertainment than for real news. I really like Charlie Gibson a lot - he was on there before my mother died, 25 years ago! Anyway, back to what we saw. They had a group of children on the show this morning who are students of this one dance instructor. What they did was introduce these children to a particular dance. It was set to Latin music. They had one week to learn the dance, then perform it this morning on GMA. They would be judged by a panel of judges from some show on TV that has dancing, sort of like American Idol, with contestants eliminated each week. So the format is - dance, and the judges will choose the best.

I was appalled! The first "couple" were 6 and 8 years old. The little girl's outfit was made to look like she had an adult figure, and she was made up like an adult. The second couple were 10 and 12. This 10-year-old little girl was even more adult-looking, and her little body moved sensuously, just like an adult woman's would. I felt sick to know that grown men were watching this little girl move like that. My husband, by the way, would turn and talk to me while the couples were dancing. Then the third couple stepped up. I couldn't believe my eyes! Her costume was open down the front, with a drape of fabric down the middle, circling under her navel. Her entire upper body was exposed, except for some strategically-placed pieces of fabric. Her age? 14. The comments from the men? "Are you sure you're only 14, honey? Fourteen must be the new 24!" This girl also moved so sensually that I was embarrassed to watch her.

My heartsick questions after watching this sad display of what the world counts as success:

1. What are these girls' mothers thinking, to allow their daughters to dress and move in such a way before millions of men?

2. What were these girls' fathers thinking, to allow their daughters to dress and dance in such a way before millions of men, especially when they know what those men are likely thinking?

3. Why do we think it is so cute to teach our children to dance in such a way as to possibly arouse passions that they have no way of understanding or dealing with, either in themselves or in other people?

4. What do we expect from society when we allow children to act like adults? What do we expect from men when we allow our little girls to dress and act seductively? The men are not excused by this behavior, by any means; however, it is wrong, wrong, wrong to put girls in front of them acting like this, inflaming passions that are meant for marriage. Don't we have enough sexually explicit material in the world without making our children participate in it? We arrest sleazy men in sleazy hotels for taking pictures of girls dressed the same way these girls were this morning, but if it's on GMA it's ok? Wake up, people!

I'm sure I could come up with more if I had the time to really think on it! I was really, really saddened at this display this morning. Sorry to end on a rant, but I knew I'd have to write about this one, because I feel so strongly about it.

I hope to be back again tomorrow. The countdown to departure is on, but things are coming together. I'm going to enjoy leaving just so I can slow down! LOL Talk to you later!


  1. Ranting is usually senseless, what you have to say is NOT.

    I am always appalled at child molestors. But my true amazement is saved for the moms and dads. Where are you guys????

    I'll tell you where they are, they are somewhere doing something shameful. They are glad to have their kids behaving shamefully so that they don't feel guilty. I'm pretty sure Jesus said something about a millstone............

    BTW have a great trip, and if you see Bro Joe Vasquez, tell him Hi from Neil and Rhonda

    Bye now!

  2. See Bro. Joe? We'll be staying right next door to him in the church mission house! I didn't know you knew Bro. Joe. He's a delight - always smiling, eh?! I'll be sure to say hello for you.

  3. I completely agree...I drove by a house where some crazy dad was allowing his teenage daughter to mow the lawn in a bikini top and short shorts...on a MILITARY BASE as if it weren't bad enough as it stands...COME ON PEOPLE!!


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