Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

If I weren't so tired, I'd just dance a jig right now! We are safely home after a very long day. We were up at 3:30 Central time this morning, which was 1:30 a.m. here on the west coast. So as of right now, we've been up for over 20 hours. Our first flight left Dallas/Ft. Worth at 6:30, and after five hours in the air and one waiting in the Denver airport, we arrived in Seattle at about 11:00 a.m. Pacific time - it still wasn't even lunch time! Our friends picked us up at the airport and took us home to lunch at their house, and after a couple of hours of fellowship we headed north. I fixed pancakes for supper, and now we're all winding down and getting ready for bed. I have yet to unpack my suitcase - do I have to??? You did not hear a whiny voice, did you? Of course not! ;)

I promise I will be back tomorrow with a report of all we did, and sometime in the next couple of days I'll have some pictures ready. Our son's graduation was all he hoped it would be, and we are so proud of him! I can't wait to show you pictures! Sorry I didn't post more than once while we were gone; I only went into the office that one day. We were way busy, let me tell you. We came home so we could rest!


  1. WELCOME HOME! Glad you made it back safe and sound. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad. Can't wait to see the pictures!!


  2. Welcome home, Susan. Glad everything went well. Can't wait to hear all about it. We leave tomorrow (Thurs) for Georgia for the wedding. Will be checking in if I'm able to hook up my laptop. :)

  3. Glad you're back!

  4. Susan! I was praying for your return trip yesterday! Glad to hear all went well! I've missed you!!!

  5. Welcome back!
    Glad everything went well!

  6. So glad you are home!


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