Saturday, April 22, 2006

This 'N That

I was going to take pictures today of the things I wanted to show you from this week, but our camera battery is dead. Just recharge it, you say? I wish I could! The battery that came with our camera died about a month ago, so we bought a new one. But we found out today that the new battery won't charge in the battery charger that came with our camera! That just really irritates me, for some reason. You spend a small fortune on a digital camera, then when you need a new battery (after a couple of years, at least) . . . it won't charge in the original charger! Wes is so laid back; it didn't bother him a bit. He'll call Monday and get a battery that will charge in this charger, or else buy a new charger. So no new pictures till Monday.

We went out on visitation this afternoon, and it was semi-successful today. I got to give the Gospel - in a very tiny nutshell - to a lady, the first time since we started our church that I've had the liberty to do so. Some may not understand this, especially in the southern US where it's so easy to witness to people, but trust me when I say that it is different here than in the US when it comes to witnessing. Most times, we do good to get people to listen long enough to find out where we're from (once, I had someone slam the door on me before I even said a word!), so to have a lady listen long enough for me to give a small bit of my personal testimony was a huge success! I pray that the tiny seed we planted today will grow in her heart, and maybe someday she will be saved.

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  1. Praise the Lord that you got to give the gospel to that lady. You say it is easy to get people to listen in the southern US?? I'd like to know where you are referring to. We find it hard to get people to listen to us here in the Atlanta area. At least where our church is. You speak of slamming the door in your face?...yeah...well we've had plenty of that too!! Its sad too when people won't even give you the time of day in reference to their eternal destiny. All we can do is try though. Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow.


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