Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Stewardship Testimony

This month, Wes is preaching on stewardship. At our sending church in Texas, when our pastor focuses on stewardship, he has people give testimonies of how they have given and God has been faithful to give back to them. I had something happen this week that I would use as a testimony if I were there, so I thought I'd share it here to encourage others.

I mentioned in another post that I write articles for a realtor in the US to make a little money for myself. I had been using that money for things that I wanted to do, in addition to saving a large portion of it to do some shopping when we go to Texas in May. Last week, we had a need in the family, but no money to use for it. After struggling with it for a couple of days, I told Wes that he could have the money I'd just received to take care of this need. I tithed from it, then used the rest for that need. I ended up having a little left over, which I used to buy a few things I needed for sewing and needlework.

This morning, one of our ladies handed me a card at church. She said they had forgotten it Thursday night, which was my birthday. I opened the card, which was indeed a birthday card, and inside the card was the exact amount of money I had given away last week! I never expected anyone to give me money for my birthday, so this was a pleasant surprise, and when I realized that it was the exact amount I had given away, I was so humbled. You see, when I had finally surrendered to using that money to fill someone else's need, the Lord had assured me down in my heart that He would give it back to me, and today He did just that. You can never outgive God!


  1. Praise be to God!!

  2. Susan, great testimony! I have a similar story, too, but I won't share it here other than to say that sometimes the Lord blesses with way more than we could ever imagine because He loves to take care of His children...and thrill them, too! PTL!


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