Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Pier

Courtney asked about our walk on the pier Friday night . . .
You said you walked on a pier, was it over the ocean or a lake or something??

I love to tell people about where we live. The pier was over the ocean! The city of Vancouver is a port city on the southwest coast of Canada. On the south side of the harbor is Vancouver and its suburbs, spreading south to the US border; on the north side are two cities known collectively as the North Shore - North Vancouver (where we live) and West Vancouver.

On our Friday night dates, we've been going to various coffee shops on the North Shore - that wasn't planned; it's just the way it's worked out lately. This week we decided to try Delaney's Coffee House in Dundarave Village, a little waterfront community in West Vancouver. One of the men in our church had told us that Delaney's was his favorite coffee shop, and Wes and I both agreed that it was really good! It must be good, because it's right next door to a Starbuck's and was doing a booming business Friday night.

Two blocks south of Delaney's was the Dundarave Pier; this is the pier we walked on. It's lit at night with old-fashioned lamps - you can see the posts in the picture to the right. The only thing lacking was moonlight! LOL As usual, it was a cloudy, overcast evening in the Vancouver area. The picture, though, shows a clear day. Must have been taken in the summer!

We absolutely love the place God has called us to. It's not an easy place to build a church. Canadians tolerate various religions, but there aren't many who are interested in the Bible, God, or anything to do with church. The thing that matters to them is that we are accepting of them and their country and that we, as Americans, are not here to criticize or change their country. I believe God has allowed us to love Canada for that reason, that we might win the hearts of Canadians through living here and loving it, not longing for the US and itching to get back there every chance we get. It's rather obvious that I'm from the southern US, because of my accent, so one of the first things people ask me is how I like living in Canada. It gives me great pleasure to see their eyes light up when I say with enthusiasm, "I love it!"

That was quite a long explanation, Courtney, but I hope it gives you a pleasant little glimpse into our corner of the world!


  1. Wow! I wasn't expecting all that! :)
    Dundarave Village sounds sooo nice! I would love to visit there sometime! We went out on a pier a few weeks ago on our vacation and we really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. It sounds like a great place to live. How wonderful that you've grown to love it so...I bet that does make a difference with the Canadians....I know that I wouldn't like it too well if a foreigner constantly told me that they wished they could leave my country and go back to their own. (o:

  3. Thanks for posting about your area, Susan. We all enjoy finding out a little more about where you live. So I'm glad Courtney asked. Sounds like a great place for a husband/wife date. :)


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