Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Blogger on the Block

My husband's brother, Walt, has started a blog of his own, Walt's Wild Thoughts. Walt is a computer guy living in the southeast with his wife and daughter, and the last time we visited, they had a dog too. I know he still has the wife and daughter, but I'm not sure about the dog! LOL He's just getting started as a blogger, so if you'd like to drop by and say hi, I'm sure he'd enjoy it. Tell him Susan sent you.


  1. Hi there :o) I was just searching through blogs for fellow christians! Sounds like you have a wonderful family. I enjoyed your blog. :o)


  2. Hi Susan, I snuck over to Walt's blog to say hi. His post on the Atlanta Braves cracked me up. Hope you had a great day!!

  3. joyfulmom289:09 PM

    Just want to say we miss you at the Well.....glad you are doing okay...Have a wonderful weekend....Joyce

  4. It's soo nice to see 'sibling' bloggers! I just popped in and welcomed your bro. I remember the greetings I received when I first ventured in this arena....!

  5. Hi Susan,
    I was wondering why no one ever commented on my blog when I realized that my comments doesn't work. Was wondering if you could give me a hand with it. Blogger keeps refering me to questions and answers but I don't get it. If you have time you can email me at, or anyone else who reads this and would like to help. Thanks


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